Welsh Support for Staff

The University's Translation Service

The University's Translation Service

In order to support staff to operate bilingually and comply with the University’s Welsh language scheme, a free translation service is available. 

Short translation (Up to 60 words only)

If your translation is less than 60 words, please send your request to: office@bla-translation.co.uk  (Please note that the service is only free for translations up to 60 words. Longer translations should be sent to the University's translation service).

Every other translation

PLEASE SEE THE TRANSLATION UNIT'S GUIDANCE here. Please send a request to the University’s translation unit by completing a form on the intranet. You will need to log in here first. . You are eligible for free translation if the University is the primary funder of your work.

Set translations and phrases

Here you’ll find useful vocabulary and phrases that are already available: writing letters and e-mails, jobs, minutes of meetings, using the phone, office equipment and signs.

Other Welsh Resources


You should answer the phone bilingually: “Helo / Bore da / Prynhawn da, Prifysgol Abertawe Swansea University / your name”. If the caller wishes to speak Welsh but you’re unable to, please follow our protocol for answering the phone.


The University’s internal phone directory, Webtel shows which staff speak Welsh fluently and which are learners. This may help you to odder Welsh language services and encourage staff to speak Welsh with each other. 

Webtel is available on the University’s staff intranet. It is not available to students nor members of the public outside the University.  

Correcting your Welsh

A free Welsh grammar spell check, which works within Word documents, is available on all the University’s computers.

Cysill corrects typing, grammatical and mutation errors in Welsh documents. Cysgair is an online Welsh-English and English-Welsh dictionary. A Welsh thesaurus is available too.  

The complete package (called Cysgliad) is usually found within Word, under the ‘Add-Ins’ menu at the top of the screen. If you have any problems, contact the ISS team. 

Setting your web browser to Welsh

In order to be able to see some Welsh forms on the intranet you’ll need to set your browser’s language to Welsh in Windows Explorer. To do this, open Explorer, click on ‘Tools’ on the top left corner and choose ‘Internet Options’ on the menu (this is the option at the bottom of the list). Then choose ‘languages’ and then ‘add’.  'Cymraeg/Welsh' isn’t in this list, but you can type Welsh [cy-GB] into the box to add this language.

More information about changing the language on your iPad or mobile phone to Welsh is available here, including practical videos.

Other Welsh Resources Continued

Applying for a University parking permit

Log into the staff intranet using your usual username and password. Then on the homepage select ‘My account’ and then ‘My parking permit’. The form should appear in Welsh and you can proceed to submit your application to the estates department. You should receive an email confirmation to say that the application has been submitted successfully. 

Expenses claim form for staff (online)

You may submit an online application in Welsh, and this service is available in Welsh.

First you will need to set your browser’s language to Welsh in Windows Explorer. See instructions above.

Log in to the staff intranet using your usual username and password. Then on the homepage select ‘Finance Office’ then ‘staff expenses form’. If your browser is set to Welsh, the form will appear in Welsh automatically. 

Raising Awareness

Courses for staff

The Welsh Language Office offers regular ‘Cymraeg yn y Gwaith / Welsh at Work’ sessions to give information to staff around the University’s Welsh policies, and how this is relevant to their day-to-day work.  Members of staff can book a place on these sessions, which are part of the Training and Development Service, via the courses menu in ABW.  

Courses for departments and colleges

If you’d like to arrange an awareness-raising session especially for staff in your department, contact the Welsh Language Office.

Courses or awareness sessions can be created on a range of subjects, including how to arrange translations, learn greetings and how to answer the phone in Welsh. You can also be taught about Welsh language policies, and the Welsh Language Standards. 

The job page

The University advertises all its jobs on the Jobs site. You may apply for a job using the Welsh online form.

Also, if you’re interested in jobs at the University that ask specifically for Welsh skills, you can register to receive job alerts via email, noting Welsh in the key words. 

Do you speak Welsh or are you learning?

Do you speak Welsh or are you learning? Don’t forget to wear a ‘Cymraeg’ lanyard or badge. Available free from the Welsh Language Policy and Promotion Officers.