Governance Team

The University Governance Team is part of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office and is responsible for supporting the Council, the Senate, the Court (the University’s stakeholder body) and a range of non‑academic policy and management committees and the management, monitoring and development of the University’s committee infrastructure to support effective decision making.



Louise Woollard

Director of Services - Vice-Chancellor's Office


Louise joined the University in 2004. As Director of Services for the Vice-Chancellor's Office, she  is responsible for the Professional Services staff in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office and for its Executive Support, Governance and Legal and Compliance Services Teams. Louise is also the Secretary to the University’s governing body, the Council, and is the University’s Administrative Secretary.

Phone: 01792 60(2242) 



Sian Thomas

Governance Officer



Sian is responsible for working with the Director of Services - Vice-Chancellor's Office, to strengthen the University's Governance Team and to support the operation, development and enhancement of the governance structures of the University - the constitutional framework which defines authority, roles and responsibilities.


Phone: 01792 60(2817) 



Nathalie Thomas

Governance Assistant



Nathalie is responsible for assisting the Director of Services - Vice Chancellor's Office with the operation and development of the governance structures of the University.

Phone: 01792 60(6742)