The Texas Strategic Partnership

One of the University’s strongest international partnerships is to be found in Texas, a partnership which has its foundations in the Texas-UK Collaborative, a UK-wide initiative established in 2002.

Encompassing eight leading universities and health institutions, the Texas partnership is distinctive because of the breadth and depth of research, teaching and mobility activities which reach across all of the University's academic Colleges.

At a glance

  • Research collaborations across all academic Colleges
  • 167 joint publications since 2012
  • 227 students exchanged since 2013
  • 75 guest lectures delivered in Swansea and Texas
  • €210,000 Erasmus+ mobility funding secured

Read more in our  Texas Strategic Partnership publication.

Student Mobility

The University offer students a range of opportunities to spend time in Texas, either studying abroad on an exchange programme or through one of its short  visit programmes: 




Allows students to undertake a semester or year of study abroad for no additional tuition fee at:

Click for details of funding for inbound and outbound exchange students


  • Visits of 1-6 weeks are currently offered in Nursing, Social Work and Applied Medical Sciences.
  • Support is available to assist in the development of new short programmes and inward visits from Texas partners.

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Research Collaborations

The University's Texas Strategic Partnership emerged from research relationships developed through the Government sponsored Texas-UK Collaborative, and research collaborations remain at the heart of the partnership.

Fostered and supported by dedicated funding and an intensive programme of researcher interactions, a significant number of collaborations across a range of subject areas have brought together world-leading academics whose research synergies and complementary expertise have combined to deliver:

  • New research projects
  • Joint grant applications
  • New academic networks
  • Joint conferences and conference papers
  • Co-authored journal submissions

Read more about some of our research collaborations in Texas, including:

  • New Techniques for Treating Cancer
  • Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Fossil Fuels
  • Examining the  Effectiveness of Military Drones
  • Testing State-of-the-Art Epidermal Sensor Systems

Faculty Mobility

The University supports an ongoing programme of faculty mobility between Swansea and its Texas partner universities.

Supported by dedicated funding, including bespoke Texas Collaboration Funding Awards and Erasmus+ funds, it has been able to facilitate a significant number of faculty visits and deliver an extensive programme of more than 75 guest lectures in both Swansea and Texas.

 Read more about the Swansea University Texas Research Excellence Showcase and the University of Houston Swansea Showcase.

Teaching Collaborations

Pen and notebook

The Texas Strategic Partnership allows students in both Swansea and Texas to benefit from collaborations in teaching such as joint programmes, shared expertise for course development and collaborative student initiatives, including:

  • Collaborative PhD programme with Houston Methodist Research Institute which allow students to spend years two and three of their PhD degree in Houston
  • Invent for the Planet: A 48 hour Intensive Design Experience hosted by Texas A&M University 
  • New module in Street Law developed in conjunction with University of Houston Law Center

Distinguished Research Professors

Dr Jaime Ortiz

The University has appointed a number of internationally renowned academics from Texas partner universities as Honorary Professors and Distinguished Research Professors to further strengthen research collaborations in Texas:

Knowledge Transfer

Energy Seminar at the Welsh Assembly

No university can expect to tackle the big research challenges alone, and the Texas Strategic Partnership brings together leading researchers to create dynamic research environments and larger research teams with access to world-class research facilities.

Those researchers share expertise, facilities and knowledge, not only with each other, but also the wider academic community, policy makers and practitioners.

Knowledge transfer events include academic seminars in both Texas and Swansea and a series of seminars to Welsh Government policy makers, researchers and advisors in Cardiff.

History of the Texas Strategic Partnership

The Swansea-Texas relationship stems from the Texas-UK Collaborative, a UK-wide initiative established in 2002 to stimulate the exchange of ideas and research in biomedicine, nanotechnology and informatics in order to find cures to some of the 21st century's most pressing health challenges such as cancer and heart disease.

The Collaborative involved ten universities and medical colleges in Texas and Swansea was one of eight UK universities invited to join, becoming part of the Collaborative in 2006. Having established a number of successful relationships by the time the UK-Texas collaborative ended, Swansea continued to invest in, and build upon them to develop a multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary strategic partnership.