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UK Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework

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The National Teaching Excellence Framework was introduced by the UK Government to identify excellence in undergraduate teaching above the quality of teaching recognised by the QAA, as a way of:

a. Better informing students’ choices about what and where to study

b. Raising esteem for teaching

c. Recognising and rewarding excellent teaching

d. Better meeting the needs of employers, business, industry and the professions

Statement of Findings

The TEF Panel reviewed the provider metrics and provider submission according to the process and criteria specified in the TEF guidance.

The provider metrics supplemented by the submission indicate that students from all backgrounds achieve excellent outcomes. Very high proportions of students from all backgrounds continue with their studies or progress to highly skilled employment or further study, notably exceeding the provider’s benchmark. The metrics indicate full-time students have very high levels of satisfaction with teaching, academic support and assessment and feedback.

The Panel considered the University submission in relation to the TEF criteria and its judgement reflects, in particular, evidence of:

  • excellent outcomes for its students from all backgrounds with regards to highly skilled employment or further study

  • course design that provides scope for high levels of stretch, including by working closely with industrial partners in course development and review

  • high quality personalised learning that is embedded across the University with a tutorial system, a specialised centre and attendance monitoring that provides high levels of engagement and commitment to learning and study from students

  • an institutional culture that recognises and rewards excellent teaching through professional development, peer observation, a teaching and scholarship promotion route and awards for excellence in learning and teaching.

Overall, the TEF Panel judged that the combination of evidence in the provider metrics and the provider submission best fits the descriptor for a Silver award.

Our undergraduate teaching was assessed against criteria that cover the areas of teaching quality, learning environment and student outcomes and learning gain.

The TEF Panel considered evidence from a set of metrics using national data as well as written evidence submitted by the provider.

The metrics covered continuation rates, student satisfaction and employment outcomes. The metrics for each provider were benchmarked to take account of differences in its students’ characteristics, entry qualifications and subjects studied. 

The awards were decided by an independent TEF Panel of experts, including academics, students and employer representatives.

This award was made in June 2017 and is valid for up to three years.

For more information about the Teaching Excellence Framework go to  http://www.hefce.ac.uk/lt/tef/