Material World

Interactive Exhibitions in the Material World

How are the holes in bread made?

See how awesome Yeast Power is! Come and blow up balloons and make elephant toothpaste, all using the power of yeast.

Nanoparticles, what even are they?!

Have you ever thought about what particles are in a breath of air? Come along and make your own nanoparticle to find out!

Journey around hidden worlds using Virtual Reality!

Do you want to venture where no human has been before? Take a look inside the microworld around us using state of the art X-ray microscopy! Walk through the body of a sea urchin, or take a glimpse inside an ant’s head – you’ll be amazed at what you will find inside these tiny new worlds!

AberLego Copperworks

AberLego Copperworks: We all know that Swansea was world-famous in the 18th century for smelting copper, but how did they do it?  Come and see the Lego model showing some of the machines they used, powered by a working waterwheel.