Digital Earth

Interactive Exhibitions in the Digital Earth.

Mothematics – using maths and wasps to stop moths eating all our biscuits!

We love insects but we love our biscuits more – use our technology to try and stop moths eating all our treats. By changing the temperature, we can simulate climate change and change the behaviour of these biscuit eating insects!

Going faster using Supercomputers!

Using the power of supercomputing, take part in our challenge to find out how aerodynamic you are!

Mathematics makes it easier to understand the world we live in

Explore global behavior of totally random processes and see how they accumulate into well defined and understood trends.

Did you know that you can make music with your mind?

Our brain works with electricity – by listening to music generated by brain activity we can show how sound and vision can help future epilepsy research.

Keeping Railways Safe Without Signals

Become a train driver on our model railway and try to crash our trains. New technology ensures safety and increases efficiency by removing the need for signals.

Learn to Code Robots with Technocamps

Can you solve a variety of hands-on problems by coding a LEGO robot to complete a series of fascinating challenges?