Interactive Exhibitions

Interactive Exhibitions in the Body & Mind zone

DNA Discovery Training Camp

Come along and bash a banana to find out what DNA is inside. Using the findings, we can show you how DNA is the key to discovering diseases.

Blood and Gore

What does your blood look like and what does it do? How does blood change during disease? This interactive and fun stall can tell you all you need to know about the diversity of blood and its importance in research and in healthcare.

Why do you eat what you eat? 

Visiting the supermarket and cooking your dinner is very common in everyday life, but what is the science behind it? SNAC will give you a glimpse into the theory behind making the decisions we make and how they affect us. 

Personalising medicine

How using devices like Biosensors can help you manage conditions and give you more control at home.

Magnetism to raise the pulse!

Watch us use magnetic levitation to show you how we can improve the quality of life for people suffering from heart failure. 

Respiratory & Sleep Sciences - How healthy are your lungs?

Come and see how lungs work and let us use our spirometers to see what we can find out about you.

The Amazing Brain!

Dive into your brain and test your brain power against the clock and others in our colourful cognitive challenge!

Air Street: AirPollution -Our Silent Problem

Walk through Air Street and see the effects of air pollution. You can also take a selfie dressed as a heart scientist!

Circus Eruption

Heart pumping, bulb lighting.

Come and learn about physical activity, technology, and health. See your energy output in real time using technology, and power lightbulbs by cycling on our bicycle.

Open University 

Think science can’t be studied outside the lab? Think again!

Become an ocean explorer with our interactive game to learn more about our recent Open University / BBC production of Blue Planet 2.

Explore the human body in augmented reality - Get up close to the heart, lungs and liver and learn more about our recent Open University / BBC production of The Human Body

Inflatable Bowel 

Have a walk-through tour of the Cancer Research Wales inflatable bowel, and how this very important organ, known as the second brain, really works. You will have the chance to see first-hand just some of the common conditions that can affect the bowel, and how local research is helping aid the early diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.

Nantgaredig Circuit Formula 3D Race

Introducing children from a young age to 3D printing: the game changer for future manufacturing. Are you a budding engineer? Help build a formula 3D car.