Our top ten tips

1 Lock it up

Half of all burglaries happen because a door or window has been left open. If you're in a private home or flat, lock it up whenever you go out - with deadbolts if you have them.

2 Close call

Take your mobile everywhere - but don't leave it on display. If you have to make a call, keep an eye on who's around. If your phone is stolen, immobilise it by calling your network provider.

3 Be prepared

Protect yourself with good insurance. Keep lists of the make, model and serial numbers of your electronic items to help police track them down if they are stolen.

4 Mark it up

Marking your property is a great defence against crime and can sometimes ensure that you get it back. Mark your property with your initials, postcode and house number (e.g. DLJ-SA1 4PE-17). You can get more information about this at Fresher's Fayre.

5 Put it away!

Don't flash your cash. Keep cards and chequebooks separate and note down all your card and mobile details at home so you can cancel them quickly.

6 Auto-matic safety

Follow basic rules and protect your car. Always lock it up, put valuables out of sight in the boot and never leave keys in the ignition - even when paying for petrol.

7 Think when you drink

Everyone is more vulnerable to crime when they've been drinking. If you're planning a big night out, arrange beforehand to go home with friends, or in a taxi. Also, men and women alike can have their drinks spiked. Keep an eye on your drinks and leave it with a mate if you go to the toilet.

8 Safe as houses

If you live in a hall of residence be careful who you let in - or who follows you into the building. Lock your bedroom door, even if you are only going down the corridor.

9 Never walk alone

Thieves are after an easy target. Walk in groups at night, travel by taxi or stay over with a trusted friend. Your safety is worth more that the cab fare home!

10 Watch it!

Use cash machines wisely, in groups and during the day if possible. Put your card and cash away quickly and be aware of who's around you. NEVER write down your PIN!