General Information

Validate UK provides official photographic proof of age ID cards which can be used in many establishments across the UK.

VALIDATE UK cards are PASS accredited; this is the UK Government approved standard for proof of age and is recommended by police and the Home Office as a better alternative than a passport or biometrics residence permit (BRP) , which if lost, compromises your security and are very costly to replace.

Please note that Validate cards are used as proof of age in the UK. They are not a substitute for a BRP card. You cannot use Validate UK ID cards for travel

How can I purchase a Validate UK proof of age ID card?

It costs £25 to purchase your ID card using our application service.

Please note, you must have enrolled at Swansea University/The College and be living in the UK to access this service.

Please read our  VALIDATE guidance sheet and download your application form here .

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Tel: 01792 513300