London after Brexit

Not everybody gets invited to be part of the TEDx talk programme but this is exactly what happended to Dr Richard Smith, College of Science, who was invited to speak at the main TEDx London event as part of a themed event around 'confidence'.  

Over 1600 people attended at the historic Sadler Wells theatre in central London. The subject; ' London after Brexit'.  In this, Richard advertises the main argument from his research; that today's world is as much about cities as it is about nations: and that to understand London after Brexit we need to change the maps in our heads.

Richard's research on world city networks is the highest cited in the world and is now on the AS and A level Geography syllabus.

The invitation to talk as part of the world famous TEDx programmes was as a result of the organisers viewing an article Richard published in the Conversation on the day of the referendum result in 2016. The original article can be read here