Swansea University runs Welsh Hearts screening event to help save lives

Twelve young people die every week in the UK from heart conditions that could be managed. With this in mind Swansea University Sports Village members have shown they are all heart by raising funds to enable Welsh Hearts to run a heart screening event on Saturday 17 February and to help raise funds for the charity.

Ultrasound heart scan HWA

The heart screening will take place during the day at the Sports Centre in the Swansea University Sports Village, Sketty Lane.  The screening is a closed event specifically for students, staff and leisure centre members between the ages of 18 and 35. 100 people have been booked in on the day – each person having an ECG test and an Echocardiogram if required.

Fundraising efforts by Swansea University Sports Village members have enabled the screening to be offered at a reduced rate of £10 per person.


Heart screening event Canlon tshirts women's football

The cardiac screening fundraising kicked off with a fitness fiesta in January to raise funds. Events included Zumba, Kettlecise, Fitness Pilates and Yoga. Activities ran over 2 hours on a Saturday morning. Earlier this week the Sports Village hosted 'Calon Day' at the sports Village, fitting in with student sporting activities/fixtures. 300 members of the sports club pre-ordered t-shirts for the event, with all proceeds going towards the screening. This event played a large part in the fundraising effort.


Heart screening event Canlon tshirts swimming

The Sports Village also held awareness sessions, outlining the work of Welsh Hearts and also offered free CPR training sessions to University Students and staff as well as community members. 

A coffee morning with the Phase IV Cardiac rehabilitation group was also held to raise funds, and also Leanne Brake, Health Referral Coordinator at the Swansea University Sports Village and her partner are taking part in a minimum of 12 fitness events/races this year and have set up a Justgiving page.


The charity Welsh Hearts Calonnau Cymru have arranged the event in partnership with Swansea University and the screening will be delivered by Swansea University spin-out company Cardiac Health Diagnostics.

Cardiac Health Diagnostics Ltd entered into a partnership with Welsh Hearts to deliver a new heart screening service throughout Wales which was launched in May 2016.  

The “ Heart Screening Wales” programme aims to raise awareness of undiagnosed heart conditions by providing easily accessible screening services to communities in Wales.   

Event organiser Leanne Brake from the Swansea University Estates team said:

 “Saturday’s screening event is a great opportunity to show the vital work Welsh Hearts are doing in the community, to give something back to the users that make the sports centre the success it is and an opportunity to recognise the fundraising efforts of our University for Welsh Hearts – the Heart Charity for Wales. “

Picture 1: Ultrasound heart scan (echocardiogram)

Picture 2: Calon Day - Swansea University Women’s Football First Team with their fundraising t-shirts

Picture 3: Calon Day – Swimmers at the Swansea National Pool with their fundraising t-shirts.