Swansea University help businesses navigate the world of big data

Swansea University academics are to help Welsh businesses to navigate the world of big data by holding a free workshop in the city.

Big Data / Data Mawr

The workshop, featuring top Swansea University academics, along with speakers from the Office for National Statistics, Fujitsu and Visit Digital will give businesses an introduction to big data and provide insights on the outcomes and opportunities which could affect them. Hosted by the University’s Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott, the workshop will touch upon big data, data analytics, data visualisation, and data mining across a range of fields.

Demand for big data skills and professionals has surged by 78% in the past 12 monthsand while businesses owners and managers may be aware that ‘big data’ is seen as a priority area for growth, they may not know what it actually means and what opportunities it offers.  The workshop presentations will introduce them to big data and its broad ranging applications from business and government, healthcare and technology through to industry 4.0.  

Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Lappin- Scott said: “This event is not to be missed and I urge local businesses owners and managers to come along and benefit from the University’s research excellence and government and industry views.  They will also find out more about the possibilities for big data, examine case studies of how it is applied and learn about opportunities for working with Swansea University on big data projects.”


Date: Tuesday 3 July 2018

Time: 8 am – 12 noon

Venue: Village Hotel Swansea, Langdon Road, Swansea, SA1 8QY

Register here:

The full programme can be found here


For more information about the event contact: Faye Chapman, Engagement Support

* f.n.chapman@swansea.ac.uk  ( 01792 604622



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