Swansea University adds new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) to its Zero-Emission fleet

The Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University has received the keys to a new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle from Hyundai UK.

ESRI car 1











The new vehicle adds to the award-winning Zero-Emission fleet operated by Swansea University. It will be used as a pool car for ESRI to facilitate transport to research meetings and to transport the University’s ‘Hydrogen Bike’ outreach project @TheHydrogenBike. 

The car is a concrete example of the world-leading research taking place at ESRI, which promotes the uptake of hydrogen, Fuel Cell and Zero-Emission technologies.  Professor Andrew Barron said: “Our aim is to establish Swansea University’s College of Engineering as a global centre of excellence for this technology.  The beauty of this car is that we can take it with us wherever we go to perfectly demonstrate how the technology we are developing works.”

ESRI car 2

Hydrogen FCV vehicles can be quickly refuelled using a pump, exactly like a petrol or diesel car, but using hydrogen gas instead. The vehicles produce only water as a by-product and can cover a distance of approximately 350 miles per tank, much like conventional vehicles.

The ESRI car will complement a growing number of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles in the region with Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue, regional delivery companies and energy companies operating small Hydrogen FCV fleets.

ESRI car 3

Professor Barron said, “It is especially fitting that Swansea University operates Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles on its fleet as Swansea is the birthplace of Sir William Robert Grove, who was a pioneer of fuel cell technology and is accredited with the invention of the world's first Hydrogen Fuel Cell in 1839.”

Top (from left)
:Enzo Scognamiglio, Fleet Operations Manager at Hyundai UK and Dr Charlie Dunnill and Professor Andrew Barron from ESRI with the new Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle
Middle: The Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle
Bottom: Enzo Scognamiglio hands Dr Dunnill and Professor Barron keys to the new car.