University spin-out launches new natural insect pest control products

Swansea University spin-out company Bionema Ltd has launched a new chemical free range of NemaTridentâ„¢ products for natural insect pest control.

Bionema NemaTrident LaunchThe new products were designed and developed following many years of laboratory research at Swansea University, and testing across multiple UK sites where they were found over prolonged periods of time, to have outperformed the international market leader.

Going organic for pest control makes even more sense for growers, greenkeepers and foresters, with the launch this month of a unique range of chemical free nematode products, which boast 20 per cent more efficiency than their nearest rivals.

The NemaTrident® family of biopesticide products utilise a unique scientifically proven formula developed by Bionema, which accelerates the speed and intensity with which nematodes, a tiny naturally occurring worm, hunt out and kill larvae, a pest that causes billions of pounds worth of damage across the world.

Bio-pesticides are the natural alternative to toxic chemicals – plants, bacteria, fungi and minerals for the control of insect pests which attack food and other crops of all kinds.  They are less toxic than chemical pesticides, decompose rapidly and can be targeted at specific pests to avoid harming beneficial insects.

"Growers, greenkeepers and foresters using our new range of products can expect highly effective pest control which increases soil penetration, providing long lasting pest control against many insect larvae and grubs," said Bionema’s Managing Director Dr Minshad Ansari.

These safe, sustainable products provide 70-100% kill rates and fill the gap in the market caused by the de-listing of many traditional pesticides. 

  • NemaTrident® CT (cold tolerant nematode for vine weevil control);
  • NemaTrident® H (vine weevil control in polytunnel or protected crops);
  • NemaTrident®C (Chafer grubs control in turf sports);
  • NemaTrident® L (leather jacket larvae, mole crickets and cutworms control in grass and turf sports);
  • NemaTrident® T (codling moth, caterpillars, shore fly and fruit moth control in fruit frees and forest);
  • NemaTrident® S (Sciarid larvae control in mushroom cultivation);
  • NemaTrident® F (Western flower thrips and leaf miner control in soft fruits and other crops).

NemaTrident® products protect the roots of all herbaceous, flowering, bedding and pot plants and can be used turf and sports fields, enabling growers/greenkeepers to produce their crops and plants free from vine weevil and other soil inhabiting pests, ultimately increasing yields and improving plant growth.

Bionema NemaTrident Launch 2"Our field trials over the last two years in the horticultural and forestry environment looked at different nematode species.  Our unique three component solution of NemaTrident provided 20-30% higher control than existing products in the market – with test results reporting up to 99% kill rates,” said Dr Ansari.

“Growers like the convenience of the beneficial nematode, and by adding this three-component solution to our product portfolio Bionema provides organic growers with complete chemical free pest solutions.”

The Bionema NemaTrident® range is now available via the Bionema website – – and dedicated distributors in the UK and EU.  It is available in different pack sizes: 25, 50, 250 and 500 million nematodes per outer pack. All packs contain beneficial nematodes and should be applied with provided soil conditioner and full instructions for achieving the best results.