Two Swansea University medical students win Livery Company award

Two students from Swansea University Medical School have won awards from the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales (WLCoW). Aimee Spicer-Jones is a first year student in Applied Medical Sciences and Rachel Gemine is undertaking a PhD in medicine.

Welsh Livery Guild awardsThe WLCoW is “The Honourable Society for the Arts, Science and Technology”.   One of the Livery’s aims is to encourage and support students to progress with a specific project.  The Company raises the grant money through holding dinners, concerts and other charitable events.

Jenny Aubrey and Bob Clarke from the WLCoW were impressed by Rachel and Aimee whilst conducting interviews for scholarships this year. 

Jenny Aubrey said: “Every year we have a few Ad-Hoc awards that do not fit into any of our other award categories.  We were both impressed with the research that Rachel is undertaking for her PhD studies. We felt it was important that Rachel had the opportunity to present her research findings at the conference in Italy she wished to attend, and that this was something that the WLCoW Liverymen would be pleased to support.

We also have a WLCoW School Award.  This award is designed to provide a student with some financial assistance to support their progress to further or higher education. The students are nominated by the Head of Year (sixth form or college equivalent) and recognise the students' achievements - often in the face of adversity.

Aimee Spicer-Jones was nominated by Bishop Vaughan School because the School felt it was important to recognise her success in her exams (which therefore allowed her to take up a place at Swansea in Applied Medical Sciences) despite having faced some difficult times during the year, and we concurred.”

Aimee and Rachel join Rory Kokelaar, clinical lecturer and researcher at Swansea University Medical School, who this year was awarded a travel scholarship by the WLCoW allowing him to present his research at a major international scientific conference.

Pictured from left: Aimee Spicer-Jones, Jenny Aubrey from the WLCoW and Rachel Gemine

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