Swansea University Discovery volunteers bring Christmas cheer to the community

On Wednesday 6th December, Discovery volunteers and staff hosted their annual Christmas Community Meal in Swansea University’s Fulton House. With Christmas food and drink, live music, a raffle and craft sale, everyone in attendance was filled with Christmas spirit.

Discovery Christmas Community MealDiscovery is a volunteer led organisation, which aims to enrich the lives of people in Swansea. Established in 1966, the registered charity currently has around 300 volunteers working on over 40 projects all over the city.

They are an organisation which strives for a community where people are treated as equals, not discriminated against or disadvantaged by society, which is why Discovery’s Christmas Community Meal is such a special event.

Attendees took part in a raffle put on by Discovery staff and volunteers.

Eleanor Norton, Managing Director of Discovery said: “Discovery student volunteers have been working with the wider community of Swansea for over 50 years. We are incredibly lucky to have a wide range of opportunities to support people and make a difference to their lives. The Christmas Community Meal is a brilliant way to bring lots of people together to celebrate.”

Discovery Christmas Community Meal

Kirsty Rowles (Supported Volunteer Manager) and Karin (Supported Volunteer).

The event brought together over 90 people from various communities, including a women’s asylum seeker group, elderly members of the Uplands, Bryn mill and St Thomas areas, as well as disability groups in Swansea. With the help of the University catering team and donations from Swansea Market, the evening was a real community effort.

Josh Rees, Student co-ordinator and organiser of the event said: “The Christmas community meal is our chance to break down barriers between the community and students. Providing a meal for those who may be isolated may not seem like much, but it’s a universal way of showing someone cares.”

Samantha Bowen, Reaching Wider Programme Development Officer, said: “All of us at Reaching Wider believe it’s important to support Discovery and the great things they and their volunteers do. Christmas is a time for coming together, but for many people in the community, they feel completely isolated.”

“It’s more than just a meal, it’s a chance to show how invested the university values being a part of the community. Ultimately, it’s a great opportunity for students and other community members to get to know each other and build relationships.”