Swansea physicists attend meeting at Buckingham Palace

Two Swansea University physicists have visited Buckingham Palace to help build connections between UK and Chinese scientists.

Buckingham Palace stock shotProfessor Carlos Nunez and Professor Gert Aarts, both members of the Particle Physics and Cosmology Theory group in the College of Science's Department of Physics, were invited to attend a meeting with the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, and the President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof Chunli Bai, in Buckingham Palace.

The meeting was co-organised by the Royal Society and aimed to bring attention to the various schemes offered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to connect UK based and Chinese researchers.

Professor Nunez said: "It is very stimulating to see the interest in China to promote good science, and the funding made available to achieve this. The schemes offer excellent opportunities for PhD students, postdocs and permanent staff members."

Professor Aarts said: "I have visited China several times in the past years and it is a very diverse country, which is worth exploring. Scientists are very eager to make connections and students are motivated to learn more about the UK. I can recommend researchers visit China and I hope these funding opportunities will be successful."

More information on the CAS schemes is here