Swansea in top ten of best value for money UK universities

A new study has found Swansea University to be in the top 10 of UK universities that offer the best value for money, beating notable institutions such as Cambridge and Oxford.

The study is the first of its kind to rank universities based on the return on investment they offer, and with tuition fees rising more than 200% since 2007, ROI is more important than ever.

The research, conducted by Expert Market, cross-referenced student expenses such as tuition fees and accommodation costs with the income and opportunities that students are set to enjoy after graduating from every university in the UK. A weighted ranking was applied to each factor and the results revealed which universities give students the best return on their investment.  

Swansea University was ranked ninth overall, and found to have the fifth lowest private rental costs and strong employment prospects. 

Unsurprisingly, students at London-based universities were found to incur the highest living costs throughout their degree.

For full details of the results, visit Expert Market.