Swansea academic publishes new baby weaning book

A Swansea University academic has published a new book offering practical help and balanced information to parents about weaning their children.

Why starting solids mattersDr Amy Brown, associate professor at the Department of Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences has published Why Starting Solids Matters as part of Pinter & Martin’s Why It Matters, a series of evidence-based, concise parenting guides.

Leading infant feeding researcher Dr Brown, who is the programme director for the University’s MSc Child Public Health said: “For many parents the process of weaning, or starting solids, can be fraught with worry as they are bombarded with information from friends and family, health professionals, baby food companies and numerous baby ‘experts’.  Not only can this advice be conflicting, it is also frequently outdated, inaccurate or driven by a personal or commercial agenda.

Drawing on the latest evidence-based research, Dr Amy Brown tackles everything parents need to know about starting solids, busting a few myths along the way. Why Starting Solids Matters explores exactly what babies really need to thrive, including the known benefits of ‘responsive feeding’, the pros and cons of ‘baby-led weaning’ v’s the traditional method of spoon-fed purees, and the nutritional content of commercial baby foods v’s home cooked meals.

Some of the questions answered by the book are:-

  • When should I introduce solids for my baby, and why?
  • How much food and milk do they actually need as they grow?
  • Will solids help my baby sleep through the night?
  • What can I do if my baby is a fussy eater?
  • What is baby-led weaning and what is the evidence it can help establish healthy eating habits?

Inspiring confidence in parents and care-givers, Why Starting Solids Matters is an indispensable guide to not only reassure parents that their babies are attaining their nutritional needs, but moreover to encourage and establish happy and healthy eating habits for life.

Dr Amy BrownDr Amy Brown is an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Health at Swansea University. With a background in Psychology, Dr Brown gained her PhD in 2010, exploring the importance of baby-led breastfeeding. Her research has received significant global media interest and she has appeared on international television and radio. Dr Brown lives in south-west Wales with her three children. 

Why Starting Solids Matters by Amy Brown is published by Pinter & Martin on 8th June 2017 priced £7.99