Sun, sea, sand: Swansea! International students enjoy beach party

With a beautiful beach only 5 minutes’ walk from our Singleton campus, the University’s Study Abroad team organised a beach party for around 70 of our exchange and overseas students, here with us for a semester.

We had students from many different countries around the world.  They enjoyed food at a beachside cafe, and then fun and games on the beach in the sun.

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Picture: some of our Study Abroad students on the beach near Swansea University's Singleton campus

More pictures: students from around the world enjoy the beach party

As a World Top 200 University for International Students, Swansea is a truly international university with a global perspective; we welcome applications from students across the world.

Swansea University offers a high quality education in a beautiful coastal location alongside a cosmopolitan city environment. Swansea - the perfect Study Abroad destination!

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Jennifer Walker, Swansea University Study Abroad co-ordinator, said:

"Swansea University has been welcoming international students from across the world on semester or year-long Study Abroad programmes for over 30 years; principally from the USA and Europe, but with increasing interest from the Far East now too. 

Our event, hosted by 360 Beach and Watersports Centre, was put on to give the Swansea Uni Go Global Team an opportunity to say a fond farewell to our visiting students and wish them well in their final exams before they leave Swansea to head back home or to do some more travelling around Europe.

These students may only have met over the past 6 months but the wonderful camaraderie between them all has been evident.  There have been some life-long friendships made during their short time with us in Swansea and I know they will take some great memories back home with them."

What our Study Abroad students said:

Lucia Gomez, University of Extremadura

“We talked to someone who was here last year, and he said it was one of the best destinations. It has such a different vibe than other cities—so amazing, so welcoming. It’s terrific.  The beach is a great point. If you’re stressed, you just walk down here and the sea is right there.”

Carmen Portillo, University of Extremadura

“I learned a lot of things about myself—such as independence and about living on your own.”

Isabel Otero Banderas, University of Alcala

“Study Abroad is a wonderful experience. We are translators so we thought it would be a good experience to be in contact with the language and culture. We gained experiences. We visited a lot of places I wouldn’t have thought of visiting and I enjoyed it—just memories.”

Rocio Serrano Tornero, University of Alcala

“We met people from everywhere, and I think it’s important to know international habits and ways of life.”

Erika Patino, University of Houston

“The best part for me was meeting all of the students. I live in Hendrefoelan Student Village and the community is really awesome. The international students stuck together, and learning about their different cultures as the best part.”

Madeline Kilburn, University of Texas at Austin

“The international student community at Swansea has been so supportive and so welcoming. It’s been really great to experience all of these cultures without even learning campus. It’s also really good to see the rest of Wales and Europe; Swansea is a really great jumping off point.  When you’re an international student trying to relearn all of the new intricacies of a university it can be really overwhelming, but the staff have been really helpful.”

Morgan Bixby, Iowa State University (below - left)

"I definitely came to Swansea for the programs.”

Charlie Morrison, Texas A&M University (below - centre)

"The programs at Swansea are great for medical engineering and I do biomedical back home. What makes Swansea unique is the atmosphere.  You get to experience something you never would unless you participating in something like this.”

Guillermo Lash, Texas A&M University (below- right)

 “Swansea is a good university, the credits transfer, and it’s a good location if you want to travel.  You take back memories. You meet a lot of people as an international student living in the student village, making friends, and being able to travel with them.”

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Reporting and photography by Jessy Stika, an Iowa State University student on an internship with the Go Global team at Swansea University