Staff volunteers fundraise for Discovery charity

Staff from the University’s Reaching Wider project raised nearly £200 as part of a mystery team building day at the Discovery student volunteering charity.

Discovery staff volunteersThe Reaching Wider team is the first to take part in the new Staff Volunteering Scheme which the University introduced as part of its commitment to community and wellbeing where staff can volunteer with Discovery for up to two days each year.

The Reaching Wider team who normally work at the University to increase participation in higher education by people from underrepresented groups and communities, arrived at the staff volunteering day not knowing what was in store for them.

Kirsty Rowles, Supported Volunteering project scheme manager at Discovery  said: “First, the staff group got to know our Discovery volunteers which included several people with learning disabilities who regularly volunteer with us They were then split into two teams and given an Apprentice-style challenge to fundraise as much money for Discovery as possible that day using anything they could safely, legally and ethically get hold of! It was a tough brief but they jumped straight into it, with all the staff members learning from the volunteers they were working with as well as bringing their own ideas.

The teams chose different approaches: one set up a stall in Fulton House foyer with their ‘Guess the name of the teddy’ game to draw attention to themselves, whilst the other team went mobile and wondered around campus exchanging Valentine’s Day Fortunes and chat up lines for donations. 

Kirsty said; “Both teams did really well, together raising nearly £200 to support Discovery’s projects working with vulnerable and disadvantaged people. The feedback was great all round, with the staff members having a lot of positive things to say about the benefits of that day.

One staff volunteer said: “I had a lot of fun and it’s given me the incentive to do more volunteering. I liked being taken out of my comfort zone – not knowing what we were doing or who with.” 

Another volunteers said: “I would definitely recommend the experience to other members of staff. There was a real buzz in the room at the end of the day. We’ve all enjoyed and feel like we’ve achieved something.”

Now the Discovery team is challenging other staff members to get involved with volunteering and either fundraise or support Discovery’s projects in a different way.

Learn more about the Staff Volunteering Scheme information here or email Kirsty in Discovery on