Soapbox Science to mix science with dance

Swansea University will be hosting its fourth Soapbox Science event next month and welcoming 12 female scientists to talk about research topics ranging from the internet of things to icebergs to the World of Warcraft and could even feature a dance off!

The event which will be on Saturday 8th July from 12pm until 4pm Oxford Street in the city centre, aims to raise the profile and challenge the public’s view of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM) in the hope to influence girls from any background to follow a career in science.

This event is part of an international initiative by Soapbox Science, which aims to bring science to the people and challenge gender stereotypes in science careers.  The Swansea event is one of 17 Soapbox Science events going on in the UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Ireland and Germany with speakers from a range of backgrounds from PhD students, lecturers, readers, professors, to engineers and scientists working in the industry.

ElectioneeringAs part of the event, Bangor University psychologist Pippa Beston will be joining with the dance theatre company; Mr and Mrs Clark who will perform Electioneering to give a fresh twist on her research on social interactions and investment games.

Also Dr Jenny Stanford, a Swansea chemist/environmental scientist, will be asking: “How do you lose an ice-sheet?” to explore climate change, disappearing ice-sheets, and sea-level rise. Performing alongside her, Cardiff-based, Harnisch-Lacey Dance Theatre Company present a lively fusion of contemporary dance, breakdance and acrobatics, in BOUNCE which follows three scientists on a physical mission to stop climate change.

Event organiser Dr Geertje van Keulan of Swansea University said: “We are delighted that presenters are getting involved in an even wider collaboration with the dancers from Taliesin Arts Centre’s two-day outdoor dance festival, Dance Days in the city to give fresh new interpretations of their research which we hope will make it more versatile and accessible than ever.”

The talks at the event will be on the following topics:

Soapbox Science 2017

  • Immunology and disease in pregnancy and childhood
  • Screen printing and flexible electronics
  • Childhood food preferences and development
  • Maths in the World of Warcraft and computational design
  • Stimulating the ageing brain
  • How to store solar heat with thermochemical materials
  • DNA-damaging chemicals and cancer
  • Internet of Things, wireless technology, coding and apps
  • Honey – a magical medicine?  
  • Psychology of social interactions
  • So how do you lose and icesheet?

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