Oriel science hosts first science talk

Oriel Science is proud to host its first science talk by Erik Stengler, Senior Lecturer in Science Communication from the University of the West of England

What If I Travel Back in Time and ….?

Tuesday 21st February at 7 pm in Oriel Science, Princess Way, Swansea, SA2 7HE

Time travel fascinates scientists and filmmakers alike.

Erik Stengler’s scientific background is that of an astrophysicist whilst he also explores Science in the Movies.

As with many other fields of science, fiction takes intriguing ideas and explores them in the realm of “what if?” Whilst Physics has yet to take the leap from theory to experimental evidence, movies have already told us (almost) all that could happen if time-travel were possible. Using clips from films and TV series, Erik will explore the time-travel paradox and various ways to circumvent – or solve? – it.

Suitable for ages 6+

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Oriel science header  Oriel Science, in partnership with Swansea University, will also be putting on some exciting half- term hands-on workshops and activities.  

Oriel Science, Princess Way, Swansea, SA1 5HE will be open daily from Saturday 18th February to Sunday 26th February, between 10am and 4 pm.

As well as the current Story of Time exhibition there will be daily workshops, run by the Oriel Science ambassadors, who will be helping visitors both young and old to roll up their sleeves and join in the fun of playing with goo, dabbling with paint and turning their talents to St David’s Day craft making activities.

Exceptionally for the February half term the Oriel Science team will be joined by colleagues from Tidal Lagoon Power and the Swansea University SEACAMS2 project who will be helping visitors to design and shape their very own bio-blocks and learn about the magical benefits they bring to the marine environment.      

Mary Gagen, Deputy Director of Oriel Science said:

“Oriel will be open throughout the half term week with our Time exhibit and some hands-on activities led by our science ambassadors. Goo making will be back, with a springtime theme, our ‘paint a planet’ table will be available and we’ll have a special arts and crafts table with a St David’s Day theme! 

“We’re also really excited to have colleagues from Tidal Lagoon Power and the SEACAMS2 project joining us with their ‘bio-blocks’ workshop. Visitors can learn all about these important ‘artificial reef’ building blocks and how they are used to promote marine life”.

The ‘Story of Time’ exhibition at the venue is also set to continue.  Where does the time go? Can time really fly? Is time just an illusion? The Story of Time exhibition answers these questions.

Guarded by the Tardis and a Back to the Future DeLorean car, visitors can meander through, interact with, listen, look, touch and generally play around with exhibits around the theme of Time. Discover how the Higgs boson, often called the “God particle”, was first detected in the mock-up of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, see a glacial calving in Greenland, tell the time with tree rings, witness the history of the universe displayed on a 30 metre time wall, and hear the sounds of deep space as you watch a time lapse video of the southern stars.

Suitable for all ages, Oriel Science’s mission is to bring the wonders of Science to the public through exhibitions on a scientific theme, which will inspire visitors to think and explore how science and technology impact their daily lives.