New students herald a fresh phase for Chemistry at Swansea University

It was a day of celebration on Monday 25 September as Swansea University vice-chancellor, Professor Richard B. Davies, welcomed the new cohort of Chemistry students to Swansea.

The students, who are the first to study Chemistry at Swansea in over 13 years, will now embark on their studies at the new unique Chemistry Hub and will be at the heart of this new chapter for Chemistry at Swansea for years to come.

Professor Davies, said: “This is a historic day for Swansea University and I am delighted to be able to welcome our students to our fantastic new Chemistry labs. Today marks the first stage of our ambitious plans to create a new learning environment that offers unique facilities and will provide high-quality teaching to our students, who will be at the heart of everything we do”.

With three teaching laboratories designed to the highest standard, they will offer students blended e-learning and pre-lab simulations to ensure they have the confidence to perform their experiments safely and efficiently. There are also breakout areas available to brief students on practical experiments and provide feedback on pre-lab simulations.

First cohort of Chemistry students

Professor Simon Bott, who co-leads the new department of Chemistry with Professor Juan Mareque-Rivas, added: “With our new Chemistry team at the helm we are geared up to provide the best possible experience for our new students. We have a week of induction to lay out the plans for their exciting new journey that promises to open their eyes to ‘new’ Chemistry at Swansea”.     

“We are offering a brand new curriculum that has been built up with three ideas: transition into University so that you make the most of your time here; the idea that when you are finished you need a good job to go to, and while you are here you need to appreciate all the aspects of Chemistry. So, all of our modules have been designed with those three ideas in mind”.

Paige Mitchell, a first year Chemistry student from Devon, added: “I came to Swansea University because the location was ideal for me having a coastal environment because I am from Devon so I live by the coast anyway. I was also attracted by a brand new course with all new equipment and new labs for teaching and I knew there would be a lot of personal contact with the teaching staff because there are no other second or third years yet so I felt I’d get a lot of support with my education. The labs are sparkling and new and so much better than I expected and I can’t wait to start my course”.