Award-winning student scientist to speak at Swansea University

Award-winning Swansea University student Caroline Bissardon is to share her expertise at a talk at Swansea University this month.

Title: Role of selenium in Articular cartilage Metabolism, Growth and Maturation

Location: Council Chamber, Singleton Abbey, Swansea University Singleton Campus

Date: Wednesday 26 April

Time: 2.30pm

PhD student Caroline Bissardon is a dual-PhD student working between Swansea University's Centre of Nanohealth and Grenoble-Alpes University in France.   She is the recipient of the prestigious L'Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science award which recognises the achievements of exceptional female scientists across the globe and awards them with Fellowships to help further their research.

Caroline is working at the interface of geology, biology and biophysics to understand the importance of selenium in cartilage health.  Selenium-poor diets affect the long-term health of millions of people worldwide, increasing their risk of developing chronic diseases, such as Kashin-Beck, a chronic, endemic type of osteochondropathy (disease of the bone) that is mainly distributed from north eastern to south western China.

Caroline BissardonAt Swansea University, Caroline has been using a model of articular cartilage maturation that has allowed her to dissect the role of selenium during the vital stage of growth, when the effects of Kashin-Beck are first revealed.

In this talk, Caroline will discuss the role of selenium in Articular cartilage Metabolism, Growth and Maturation, touching on the topics of Articular Cartilage, Selenium, Speciation, Osteoarthritis, Kashin Beck Disease, FTIM (Fourier Transform Infrared microscopy), 3D Tomography (start of histomorphometry), high energy resolution fluorescence detected X-ray absorption spectroscopy (HERFD-XAS, Atomic forme microscopy (AFM), qPCR, Immunofluorescence, ICPMS.

The talk is FREE and all are welcome to attend.  To book a place, please email Delyth Thomas:   Telephone: 01792 606072.

Photo credit: @Crédit "Fondation L'Oréal"