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    In Conversation with David Miliband

    The Rt Hon David Miliband addressed a packed auditorium of staff and students from Swansea and Swansea Metropolitan Universities in a recent visit to the University

    The session was hosted by the Research Institute for Arts and Humanities (RIAH) and was chaired by Dr Jonathan Bradbury, Head of the Department of Political and Cultural Studies.

    David Miliband

     The event forms part of David Miliband’s UK Universities Tour in which the former Foreign Secretary will visit over 20 Universities across the country.

    David Miliband fielded questions from Dr Jonathan Bradbury on a range of global and domestic challenges in 2012.  These included economic policy and the Eurozone crisis, the UK Government’s reform of the welfare state, Britain’s role in international affairs and the future of the UK union and devolution. 

    Staff and students from a range of departments in the University, including Geography, Political and Cultural Studies, Engineering, Economics, Law, and History then asked questions for nearly an hour. Topics included the prospects for moral capaitalism and reducing inequality, science and politics, multi-culturalism, gay marriage rights, devolution in Wales, the future direction of the Labour party, the future of Europe, the Iraq war and British approaches to the Middle East. 

    Chair of the event, Dr Jonathan Bradbury said “Students and staff of the University asked a wide range of very pertinent and thoughtful questions and got straight answers.  It was a perfect exhibition of old fashioned open political engagement.”

    Swansea University’s College of Arts and Humanities has five sections –   Academi Hywel Teifi, English Language and Literature, History and Classics, Languages, Translation and Media and Political and Cultural Studies.  The College is proud of the variety and quality of the teaching it offers to undergraduate and post-graduate students, which is informed by scholarship and research, much of it world-leading. The College’s Research Institute (RIAH) brings together researchers and postgraduates to create a rich research environment geared to excellence and impact.

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