MSc Nursing and MSc Social Work Funding

MSc Nursing Funding

From September 2017, any student studying an NHS course has the choice as to whether they receive funding from the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme or via Student Loans and Grants. In normal circumstances, students cannot change their funding route. Exceptional cases will be considered through an appeals mechanism

To receive funding from the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme, students will have to commit to working in Wales for 2 years following the completion of their course. (different timescales apply for courses longer or shorter than 3 years).

It is advised that all students read the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme FAQ’s and Terms and Conditions.

If you have further additional circumstances, there may be additional support and funding available. For more information please visit our Students With Additional Considerations webpage. 


Cannot make this Commitment?

You need to record your intent to study and register your decision on the NWSSP Student Awards Services Welsh Health Education Registration System. If you fail to register via the System you will not be eligible to access the full student finance entitlement.

You can apply for a Postgraduate Loan, which provides funding up to a maximum of £13,000 (SFW) or £10,609 (SFE) (Split over 2 years) which will need to cover both tuition and maintenance costs. For more information please visit our Postgraduate Loans page.  

 Can Make this Commitment

If you are happy to make the commitment to working within Wales for 2 years following graduation, you will be eligible to receive the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme.

You should apply for your NHS bursary as soon you have firmly accepted an offer from your chosen university. The latest date for applying for funding is six weeks after commencing the course.

What Funding is available via the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme?

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are covered in full by the NHS so no tuition fee payment is required.

NHS Maintenance Funding

NHS Funding is also available in the form of a non-means tested NHS grant of £1,000 and a means-tested NHS bursary up to £4491. The actual amount of bursary you will receive will be dependent on the length of your course and your household income.

In addition, students can apply for a number of additional supplementary grants if they meet specific criteria. These grants are means tested and are:

Dependants’ Allowances
Parent Learning Allowance
Childcare Allowance
IMPORTANT - Please be aware that the first instalment of NHS funding is not usually paid until the end of the 2nd month of your course.

Student Awards Services implements the NHS Wales Bursary Schemes, which provides funding for healthcare students on NHS funded courses in Wales. If you are considering a professional career in health care and would like to know more about the financial support you will get during your training, then please contact:

Bursary Enquiries - Tel: 02920 905380



Student Loans 

Students will be unable to access any loans from Student Finance to help with living costs for the MSc Nursing.

Other Funding

Swansea University provides further support for Students with Additional Considerations, more information can be obtained from here

Failure to fulfil commitment

Studies - If you receive the NHS Wales Bursary and withdraw from study due to academic failure, placement failure, fitness to practice (ill health), you will not be liable to make any repayment. But if you decide to leave the course because it is not the right course for you, you will be liable to repay an element of the funding you have received through the NHS Wales Bursary scheme. This will be on a sliding scale to reflect the costs incurred to date.

Employment - If you receive funding from the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme and leave your employment in Wales before 2 years, the repayment you make will be calculated on the sliding scale to reflect the amount of time you will have worked in Wales.


If you become liable to repay all or part of the funding you received from the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme, the debt becomes repayable in full within 3 months of being notified. It is the individual’s responsibility to fund such a repayment. Travel, additional accommodation, childcare costs, disabled students allowance, dependents allowance, and parental learning allowance will be excluded from repayments.

For more information regarding the minimum repayment amounts, please see Appendix 2 of the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme FAQ's.

MSc Social Work Funding

At Swansea University the fees for the Masters in Social Work for 2017/18 are set at £6,600.

English domiciled students please visit for more information.

Welsh Domiciled Students are able to apply for the following:

Social Work Bursary

Social Work Bursaries of £6,640 (which includes a contribution of £3,390 towards Tuition Fees) are available to students on the MSc in Social Work. However students must:

  • Be ordinarily resident in Wales and
  • Be studying in a Welsh institution and
  • not be receiving a financial incentive to train from an employer.  

The bursary is non-income assessed and does not need to be repaid. Each Social Work programme is allocated a set number from the 227 bursaries available to ensure a fair distribution. Students are therefore ‘nominated’ by the institution to Social Care Wales for a Bursary. Therefore not every eligible student will be entitled to receive this funding. 

For more information please visit 

Practice Learning Opportunity Allowance (PLOA)

This is designed to provide a contribution towards placement expenses that Social Work students incur as an integral part of their qualifying training.  Eligible students who normally live in Wales are able to claim up to £7.50 per practice learning opportunity day. For more information about the allowance please visit:

Supplementary Funding

In addition to the bursary detailed above, you may be entitled to apply to Social Care Wales for additional Financial Support dependant on your circumstances and eligibility:

  • Parental Learning Allowance (PLA). Up to £1,505. This grant assists students with dependent children cover course costs
  • Childcare Grant (CCG) Up to a maximum of £8,330 per annum for one dependent child and £14,285 for two or more dependent children.  Helps with the cost of registered childcare incurred while studying
  • Adult Dependents Grant (ADG). Up to £2,645. Available if an adult depends on you financially
  • Disabled Students Allowance. If you require further support due to a disability or learning difficulty, you may be able to apply for Disabled Students Allowance.

Postgraduate Loan

If you receive the funding detailed above from Social Care Wales, you will not be eligible to receive a postgraduate loan from student finance.

However, If you are not nominated for the funding from Social Care Wales, you are eligible to apply for a Postgraduate Loan