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Languages & History

Literacy through Latin YR6

Working with the successful Iris Project’s Literacy through Latin scheme, we introduce children to Latin as the root of English and other languages.  The scheme provides young pupils with the opportunity to experience learning Latin through playful activities such as games, songs, storytelling and crafts.  All activities tie Latin in with English and help pupils develop their oracy, reading, and writing skills in English.  

Look at the online resources too.

Learning Ancient History YR3-4

This project helps schools with the delivery of the years 3 and 4 history curriculum on the Greeks and Romans by student volunteers teaching aspects of the curriculum.  All activities help pupils develop their Key Stage 1 to 2 based oracy, reading, and writing skills in English. 

Look at the online resources too.


Mass Spectrometry Measuring the Building Blocks of Matter YR5-8  

This fully interactive presentation will introduce young students to the scientific concepts associated with the analytical technique of Mass Spectrometry:  that all matter in our world is comprised of building blocks called atoms that join together to form molecules; that molecules of different mass can be moved and separated; 
and that unknown charged molecules can be detected.  

The aims include developing enquiring minds and a scientific approach to problem solving as well as applying science to everyday life.