The Swansea University staff or student card can also be used to borrow books and other materials from our libraries. Members of the public can borrow books using our External Borrower scheme, Libraries Together.  Borrowing entitlements for our libraries are summarised in the table below.

BorrowerNumber of itemsNormal loanConcurrent Requests

30 (across all libraries)

(15 items maximum from St. David's Park)

4 weeks 15
Postgraduates/Staff 30 (across all libraries) 4 weeks 15
External borrowers 5 (across all libraries except St. David's Park) 4 weeks N/A

Special loan categories

  • Some items are designated as overnight loan or short loan. 
  • The current issue of a periodical may not be borrowed.
  • Some older material is now kept in the library store in Fforestfach. Items, or photocopies of journal articles, can be requested. You may request an item from the store by logging into iFind, or by completing a Store Request Form, available at the Library Desk.
  • Overnight loan and short loan items are not available to be borrowed by external borrowers.
  • Other exceptions may apply. It is the library user’s responsibility to check their account regularly for due dates and recalls.

For further information about our borrowing policy, please see our Swansea University Libraries Loans Policy

Renewing, Requesting and Returning


Automatic Renewals

  • Items on loan from the library will automatically renew unless they are requested. It is therefore vital that requests are placed on any items that you wish to borrow that are currently on loan to other library users. 
  • If items are not requested then they will continue to automatically renew for the following maximum loan periods:

Undergraduates – for 1 year from the original borrowing date (or until the account expires, whichever is sooner).

Postgraduates / Staff – for 3 years from the original borrowing date (or until the account expires, whichever is sooner).

External – No renewals allowed.  Borrowing allowed for a 4 week loan period (or until the account expires, whichever is sooner)

  • At the end of the maximum loan period, you will need to bring the item back to the Library to prove you have not lost or damaged the item. If no one else has requested the item you can borrow it again if you need to.
  • You will receive an email alert when items are requested by another borrower. All requested items must be returned within 1 week or by the date stated in the request email (whichever is sooner).
  • If a requested item is not returned by the due date, your account will be frozen and no further loans or renewals will be permitted. Fines will be accrued on all items that become overdue as a result of requested items not being returned. It is the borrower’s responsibility to check their emails and Ifind account regularly to ensure that items are returned on time.
  • Short loan, 24 hour loan items and theses are exempt and will not be automatically renewed.
  • Automatic renewals will continue throughout vacation periods. Requests can still be made and must be returned throughout vacation periods and/or when students are on placements.
  • Online. Go to and select Sign in at the top right of the screen. Log in using your usual Swansea University username and password. Select Loans and you will see the option to renew your books. After renewing the items, check the new due date and print out the page for reference in case of any problem.
  • If you need to contact a member of staff to discuss your loans  please do so here

The system will not allow you to renew books requested by other borrowers. 


If all copies of the item you want are out on loan, you should request a copy.  You can request an item through your iFind account.

If all copies of an item are out on loan, a message on iFind will state “No copies available – Check item details for options”. If you wish to request an item you will need to log in to iFind to view the request options. A “request” button will appear under the item on the library tab. Click the request button to confirm your request.

The current borrower will then be asked to return the book within 7 days but we cannot guarantee the date when the book will be available for you.  When the book is returned to the library an email will be sent to you and the book will be kept on the reservation shelf at the Information Desk for the following periods:

Singleton Park and Bay Libraries – 3 days

St. David’s Park Library – 3 days

Miners Library, Banwen Library– 7 days

The following rules apply to all requests:

  • Library Users cannot request or borrow a second copy of an item that they already have on loan.
  • For current students and staff a maximum of 15 requests can be placed at one time. 
  • Library users who take items on placement or outside of the UK are still subject to fines if a recalled item is returned late.  Users should ensure that they have a date-stamped proof of postage, if returning items by post.
  • Courtesy notices will be sent by email when an item has been requested for return to the library. These notices act as a helpful reminder but it is the borrower’s responsibility to know their due dates and read related notifications. Your account can be checked at any time at  Fines will not be waived if a courtesy notice fails to send.
  • If you return items after the due date you will be fined. Overdue charges are applicable to ALL categories of borrower, including academic staff. 


Items may be returned at any of the following Swansea University Libraries regardless of which of the four libraries you borrowed them from:

  • Singleton Park Library
  • Bay Library
  • South Wales Miners' Library 
  • Banwen Library 

Please be aware that any items borrowed from the above libraries cannot be returned to Saint David's Park Library.  Additionally, any items borrowed from Saint David’s Park Library must be returned there.

Self-return terminals are available in Singleton Park Library, Bay Library, the South Wales Miners' Library and Saint David's Park Library. Alternatively, you can return items to a member of staff at the Library Information Desk during staffed hours. 

 The following items cannot be returned via the self-return terminals:

  • Laptops and other IT or media equipment
  • Software discs
  • Room Keys
  • Short Loan items
  • Inter Library Loans
  • Multiple-disc DVDs
  • Books with accompanying discs


Fines will be incurred on the following items:

  • Overdue recalled library books or other items - Due to automatic renewals, fines are only incurred on standard loan books / journals/ folios if a recalled item is not returned by the requested date. If a requested item is not returned by the due date, your account will be frozen and no further loans or renewals will be permitted. Fines will therefore be incurred on all items that become overdue as a result of not returning a requested item. A £2.00 per day per item charge (up to a limit of £20 per item), will be made on a requested item that has not been returned by a library user within 1 week following a request on that item.

If library books or other items are lost, damaged or defaced beyond repair, the borrower will be charged the full cost of replacement. Please note, that the cost of replacing some items can exceed the original purchase cost.

  • Overdue short loan items- items with loan periods of 24 hours or less will incur overdue fees of £2 per item per day (up to a limit of £20 per item).
  • Overdue loan laptops – Fines of £10 per day (up to a maximum of £100) will be charged on overdue laptop loans. Please be advised that due to a significant increase in the number of laptops (and related equipment) being returned damaged / faulty, a number of checks will now take place every time a laptop is loaned and again when it is returned. Further checks will also take place when the laptop is re-ghosted (i.e. formatted for the next borrower). Should we find any further issues and this point, we will contact you using your email address with further information. Please be aware that you are responsible for any damage incurred whilst the laptop is booked out to you. Charges can vary significantly and you will be billed accordingly. This may affect your borrowing rights for other items.
  • Overdue AV equipment – If any media or other IT equipment is lost or damaged the borrower will be required to pay the full cost of repair or the full cost of replacement if repair is not possible.
  • There are no fines charged for overdue South Wales Miners and Banwen Library items. 
  • Please note: Your borrowing rights will be suspended if you have £25 or more worth of fines owing on your account. Payment of some or all of this balance so that fines are brought under £25 will re-activate your account.