Aims and Focus

Computers have transformed many aspects of science, society and culture since the 1940s. In each decade, the forces of change have intensified and show no sign of relaxing. The transformation is phenomenal and difficult to comprehend: there is a great need to study these technologies, their development and impact, from different points of view. The history of the transformation is not well documented, let alone analysed. There is a great need to rescue this history for our contemporaries and future generations to reflect upon.

Aims:  The purpose of the collection is to

  • Rescue, collect, preserve, document, and make available materials charting the history of computing, including books, papers, ephemera, images, videos, manuals, software and hardware.
  • Work in partnership with museums, archives and learned societies to inform and educate scholars and students on the nature and history of technology.
  • Maintain a working collection that can be of use in connection with legacy systems and obsolete digital media.
  • Seek funding to grow and sustain the collection and associated activities, including commercial exploitation.
  • Promote research on the local history of computing.
  • Engage the interest of the public.

The Collection will focus on:

  • Developments in hardware;
  • Developments in programming and programming languages;
  • Developments in software;
  • Developments in theoretical understanding;
  • Legacy systems and obsolete media;
  • The impact of computing on Science, Industry, Business, Society and Culture;
  • The history of computing and its influence in Wales and, especially, Swansea Bay.

Its users will be professional scholars, historians, and postgraduate and undergraduate students.

HoCC People

The History of Computing Collection is a partnership between Computer Science and Information Services and Systems (ISS).

History of Computing Collection Management Committee:

  • Professor John V Tucker, Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor, Computer Science [Chair]
  • Steve Williams, Deputy Director, ISS
  • Tim Davies, Lecturer, Engineering/Electronics
  • Phil Grant, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Professor Peter Townsend

Technical Support

  • Jon Evans
  • David Wale

Contact HoCC

If you have an interest in the History of Computing in Wales or more widely, please feel free to contact us:

Professor John Tucker

Steve Williams


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