Passionate about promoting the Welsh language

With a number of Welsh-speaking staff, including our Head of School, we offer our students a range of opportunities to learn through the medium of Welsh. These include:

  • A Welsh speaking Academic mentor
  • Selected modules and seminars available in Welsh
  • The opportunity to submit work for assessments and sit exams in Welsh, even if the modules have been taught through the medium of English

Scholarships and bursaries

Students who choose to study at least 40credits a year in Welsh are eligible to apply for a Coleg Cymraeg Incentive Scholarship of £500 a year - the closing date is in October.

Academi Hywel Teifi offers an internal scholarship of £300 a year to students choosing to study at least 40credits a year in Welsh, or a bursary of £100 a year to students choosing to study at least 5credits a year in Welsh. These may be applied for on a yearly basis, at the start of each Autumn term.

Modules and seminars offered in Welsh

Year 1
• Contract Law
• Public Law

Year 2
• Criminal Law
• Land Law = Cyfraith Tir
• Statws y Gymraeg 

Year 3
• Legal History of Wales (now to be called Cyfraith Hywel) 
• Cymraeg y Gyfraith
• Hawliau Iaith yn y Cyd-destun Rhyngwladol 
• Amlddiwylliannedd a’r Gymraeg 

Lisa Penfold - LLB Law

320 x 240‌One of my favourite things about studying Law at Swansea University was having the opportunity to study partly through the medium of Welsh. It has benefitted my studies greatly as I feel more comfortable and confident writing and communication in Welsh as it is my first language.

I have really enjoyed attending the Welsh language seminars as the groups are much smaller and I felt more comfortable answering questions and stating my opinion in Welsh. The lecturers were very helpful and had more time to answer any queries and to help out with any problems.

One of the highlights for me has been the chance to make many new friends and meet fellow Welsh speakers, all while studying in my mother-tongue.