Information Security Training

Compulsory Information Security Awareness Training for those with access to University computing facilities


Note:   This includes affiliates, postgraduates etc. who are included in the ABW system – i.e. those with an email address in the format rather than number@

Why are we introducing Information Security training?

Information is the lifeblood of the University and underpins everything that we do. Our future successes, reputation and existence depend as much on our digital estate as they do on our physical estate. We all have a duty to protect this information.

Take a few minutes to think about what your day would be like if you did not have access to the many information and control systems that we use across our campuses. Just like power and water, information has become essential to achieving all of our individual objectives and those in our strategic plan. 

To ensure that everyone is aware of the basic measures that they should take to protect this essential resource we have determined, in agreement with the University Management Board and the Professional Services Management Team, that an information security training module is mandatory for all staff. While we appreciate that colleagues from across the University will have different levels of experience in this area, it is important that the University is confident that everyone who has access to our information systems exceeds the minimum acceptable baseline of knowledge.

As we approach our centenary in 2020, it’s clear that we are now dependent on information and its availability to the same extent as we depend on other essential utilities and this reliance is only set to increase.

As we become digital citizens and increasingly trust our identities and day-to-day life to the internet and third party services the material in this course is as relevant in your personal life as it is to your work life. It should only take half an hour to complete the module and those of you who are confident with your knowledge in this area will be able to move through it far more rapidly.

Accessing the course

The course is in Blackboard, no registration is necessary as you use your existing username (without the  ) and password to log in.

On the homepage, you will see a section titled “Staff Training Courses” and listed underneath is the “Information Security Essentials” module. Depending on your computer settings, you may need to click through some information screens to access the module. It should only take half an hour to complete the module.

If you have already seen the course and voluntarily completed it, there is no need for you to take it again.

 If you have any problems accessing or completing the module then please contact the ISS Customer Service Team for assistance.

Once you have completed the course, your training record in ABW will be automatically updated.

All staff should undertake the module before the 31 July 2018 and I look forward to seeing which department is the first to complete this challenge.  Please also take some time to discuss what information security means for your role during your next PDR. All new members of staff are expected to complete the module within one month of their start date as part of the induction process.

I thank you in advance for taking this training seriously and demonstrating your commitment to protecting our information by completing the module as quickly as possible.  We have taken great care in selecting this module; I genuinely hope that you enjoy it and that you agree that it is relevant for you.

Please help us to improve the experience by providing your feedback on the way the module is delivered and on the content by sending your comments to the ISS Customer Service Team.