Reuse of Public Sector Information

Swansea University Libraries' public task, as defined under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations (2015) consists of its functions to support the aims of the University as laid out in the University's Supplemental Charter of 2007, wherein the objects of the University shall be to:

advance learning and knowledge by teaching and research, and to engage in activities to promote and contribute to cultural, social and economic development within Wales and beyond.

Swansea University Libraries holds and uses information and documents for the following purposes within its public task:

  • The strategic and related development and aims of our services
  • The promotion and provision of access to our library resources
  • The production of learning and research resources related to our collections including information guides, subject guides and a range of related material in print and electronic form

Information about Swansea University Libraries' general activities in carrying out its public task will be found on our main website.

Swansea University Libraries permits the re-use of certain documents created for its public task. Further information on the range of available documents, and the terms on which they are available, can be found in the Asset List below.

Questions about Swansea University Libraries public task statement and/or complaints about any decisions made under the Regulations may be submitted through the Compliance Office at the address below.

This statement of public task will be reviewed regularly and is due to be considered again in January 2018.

Requesting re-use
All requests for re-use  must be made in writing either via email or letter and must include the following to be a valid request under the ROPSI 2015 Regulations-

  • State name of applicant and an address for correspondence
  • Specify the document requested
  • State the purpose for which the document is to re-used

Contact details for requesting re-use:-

The University Compliance Officer (FOI/DP)
Vice-Chancellor’s Office
Swansea University
Singleton Park


Responding to Requests
The University has 20 working days to respond to requests, although there are some circumstances where this may be extended, for example if the information is extensive or if the request raises complex issues. If the information has not previously been disclosed into the public domain then the first stage of the request will be to deal with it under access to information legislation e.g. Freedom of Information and Data Protection and then to deal with the request for re-use. 

The University will respond to access and request for re-use within 20 working days although when dealing with the Freedom of Information Act there are also some circumstances where this may be extended.

The regulations allow the University to charge for permitting re-use (to include the costs of reproducing, providing and disseminating the information). Please see below for further details in relation to our charges.

The University may impose conditions on re-use. The University may make some information available for re-use under Open Government Licence or Creative Commons licences free of any charge or restriction. However, other licenses may be more appropriate particularly where there is a charge for re-use. Please see the Information Asset List for further information regarding any conditions on re-use.

Complaints Procedure
If, upon receiving a response to a request for re-use, you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you are entitled to appeal against the decision reached. All appeals must be made in writing to:

Deputy Director
Swansea University Libraries
Singleton Park

Or by email -

In order to progress your appeal as quickly as possible, please quote your request reference number and the date of your original request, as well as details of why you are making the appeal.

Please include full contact details including a phone number where possible, in case we need to contact you during the appeal process. Receipt of your appeal will be acknowledged in writing. Following the review, you will be provided with a report containing
the outcome and subsequent actions taken by Swansea University.

If you are not content with the outcome of the appeal, you have the right to apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at:

Information Commissioner’s Office,
Wycliffe House,
Water Lane,

Asset List

The list of documents available under the Reuse of Public Sector Information Regulations (2015) are as follows and are available at no charge for re-use:

  1. The University Libraries' strategy and aims as contained within the ISS Strategic Plan 2014-19
  2. Information published by Swansea University Libraries that is publicly accessible and linked through our main website, but excluding:
    1. any information, or part thereof, that is owned or provided by any party other than the University Libraries
    2. images unless they are marked as OGL or an equivalent licence that permits re-use (with or without conditions)

The university libraries holds a wide range of information that is within copyright and therefore excluded from the asset list. Items that are outside the copyright period may be discoverable through the library catalogue and through consideration of the relevant legislation.

The university libraries occasionally makes digital copies or scans of material within its collections. These resources might be available under the regulations and will normally attract a fee, as permitted by the regulations, to cover our costs with a reasonable return on investment.

Applications for re-use of these materials are considered on a case by case basis, depending on the material requested.