What can I study?

Module Information

Where can I find out details about which courses/modules to choose?

Check the online module catalogue for details of all courses and modules taught at Swansea University

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How do I search using the online module catalogue?

  1. Select the Academic Department
  2. Select the academic year 18/19
  3. Click on 'List Departmental Modules'. A list of all the modules for that subject area will then be displayed.
  4. Click on the individual modules to find out detailed information on each one - including whether or not it is available to Visiting & Exchange students.

Which level modules should I choose?

Exchange and Fee-Paying Visiting students are advised to select Level 1 (HE level 4) or Level 2 (HE level 5) modules.  With the discretion of a department it may be possible to enrol in Level 3 (HE level 6) modules if students have a sound background in that subject area.  Students should note that there are no re-sit opportunities at this level.

How many modules should I choose?

Students spending one semester at Swansea should select modules that total no more than 60 Swansea University credits (30ECTS)

Students spending two semesters (full academic year) at Swansea should select modules that total no more than 120 Swansea University credits (60 ECTS)

(NOTE: All Visiting and Exchange students should check with their home university Study Abroad Office for full details of how Swansea credits will be transferred.)

What do TB1 and TB2 mean?

TB1 and TB2 mean - Teaching Block 1 and Teaching Block 2

TB1 = Semester 1 - these modules/classes are taught in Semester 1 only. Please check the module information to find out how and when the module/class is assessed.

NOTE: Term 1(Fall) = is part of TB1.  Students spending Term 1 at Swansea should only select modules that offer alternative assessment as there are no examinations options in this term.  It is the responsibility of students to check the method of assessment before selecting their modules.

TB2 = Semester 2 - these modules/classes are taught in Semester 2 only and will be assessed in semester 2.

TB1+2 = Academic year modules - these modules/classes are only available to students spending the full academic year at Swansea. Single semester students must NOT select these modules.