Information about applying for a visa to Australia

International@CampusLife has outlined the main details below, but you should go through the Embassy of Australia website thoroughly for full details and information -

If you need to obtain a visa for Australia, we can check your application and documents, but we cannot apply on your behalf. We can answer general questions, but you may have to contact the embassy directly if you have more specific questions.

Do I need a visa?

Do I need a visa?

Most nationals need a visa to enter Austalia. Find out if you need one from the

What type of visa do I need?

How much does it cost?

Australian visa can either be applied online or by paper application. Check Australian embassy in London webpage for information on current application charges

When should I apply?

Roughly one month before intended entry to Australia. Visas may only be valid for 3 months. The visa starts as soon as it is granted.

Applying too early may result in you not getting your visa to cover you for the whole duration of your visit.

How do I apply?

How do I apply?

What documents do I need?

Below is a general list of documents required for the visa, but you are strongly advised to check the Embassy website here, as documentation may vary according to your nationality or circumstances:

1. Valid passport and UK Residence Permit/Entry Clearance where applicable

2. Passport-sized photograph (taken within last 6 months)

3. Recent letter (student statement) from Swansea University (issued within last 3 months)

4. Letter of Reason for Invitation from Australia if applicable (if you are going to Australia to undertake an exchange programme, the University in Australia will send this to you.)

5. Return or onward-journey flight information

6. Hotel information (if appropriate)

7. Recent bank statements (last 3 months) to show sufficient funds for the proposed trip

Contacting Australian embassy in London

Contacting the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in London 

Clients who have not yet lodged a visa or citizenship application should direct all queries to the Europe Service Centre.

Clients who have already submitted a visa or citizenship application in London may:

  • Call or email the Europe Service Centre for general enquiries; or
  • email additional documentation to support your application to the email address provided in the letter sent to you; or
  • mail** additional documentation to support your application to:

Migration Branch
Australian High Commission

When mailing an application, or other documentation, we strongly recommend that you choose a delivery service that allows you to track the arrival of your package, such as Special Delivery or Registered Post.

  • courier additional documentation to support your application to:

Australian High Commission
Migration Branch
Suite 100
43 Bedford Street

Items received at the Australian High Commission by ordinary mail reach Immigration Officers more quickly than those received by courier (messenger service). Overseas clients who must use a courier or messenger service are required to send their delivery to the address above. Deliveries by courier are NOT accepted at the Australian High Commission building.


Counter Hours

The counter is open on Tuesday and Thursday, 9am to 11am, except all English and some Australian public holidays.

The counter operates on an appointment basis. Requests for appointments can be made by contacting our Europe Service Centre by phone: +44 (0) 207 420 3690.

Please note that very few clients need to visit our office in person. We encourage you to use our website which contains most information relating to visa and citizenship applications. You may be eligible to apply online, or your application can be posted to us which will save you time.

How long does it take to process?

For current application processing times, Visit