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Visit our Pre-Arrival pages for more information about the support available in Swansea University.

If you have  further questions, contact International@CampusLife for guidance.


International students who have Tier 4 student leave (of 6 months or more) are entitled to use the state-funded National Health Service (NHS) on the same basis as UK residents.

There is more information about health in the Health section in the International Student Handbook.

Register with a doctor and dentist as soon as you arrive in Swansea, as certain places will only accept a limited number of patients. The University Health Centre and the dentist are located on the main campus. Do note, dentistry is not free in the UK. However, if you register with an NHS dentist you will receive the same reduced rate as UK residents. Do ensure that you are registered as an NHS patient as many practices accept both NHS and private clients.

Outside of working hours, you can get free and confidential medical advice over the telephone 24-hours a day, 7 days a week by calling NHS Direct on 0845 4647.

For advice on keeping healthy and practical information on how to get medical and dental treatment in the UK, read the UKCISA Guidance Note - Keeping Healthy.

Those with Short Term Student or with Visitor Visas are NOT entitled to free UK healthcare. We would strongly advise non-Tier 4 students as well as visiting friends or family to take out medical insurance BEFORE coming to the UK in case of a serious illness or accident.


Swansea University's campus offers great facilities for worship. Click here to find out more.

Culture shock and cultural adjustment

Culture Shock is the term given to a period of transition to a new culture. The degree of culture shock depends on many factors, including how different British culture is from your own. European students or students from North America may not experience it to the same degree as students from Africa or Asia. However, don't make the mistake of thinking you will not experience it at all. It is all part of the process of moving between cultures, which is a very positive thing to do. It can be more difficult and stressful than you might imagine and Internationanl@CampusLife are here to help you to prepare for it and deal with it while you are in Swansea. Read more about culture shock from the UKCISA website.


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