Patient Experience and Evaluation in Research (PEER) Group

What is PEER?

The aim of the PEER group is to provide a valuable patient/carer perspective at an early stage in the research process.

The PEER group meets on a monthly basis at Singleton Park, Swansea University, to discuss and make recommendations about research proposals. 

Useful Documents:

PEER Application Form

PEER Terms of Reference

PEER Flyer

Dates for PEER group Sept 2018 to Jan 2019


How to access the PEER group

Researchers who wish to have their proposals considered will need to book a slot through the gatekeeper, and send their proposal on the required template, two weeks prior to the meeting. Please email proposals to Julia Terry.

Researchers will be required to attend the meeting to discuss their proposed research. There will also be an opportunity to discuss early research ideas, that are not fully formed, during a short discussion slot.

Researcher will receive both verbal and written feedback from the PEER group.

Why ‘Patient’?

The name PEER was chosen by the group members and reflects our identity as patient voices.. We are members of the general public providing a patient/carer perspective. We promote the notion of active patients engaging in discussions about the design and direction of health and social care research in order to add value to the College’s research environment.

For Further Advice Please Contact:

Julia Terry

Dr. Jeanette Hewitt

Dr. Michael Coffey