Meet Kirsty

From a young age, I had a very keen interest in working in health and social care, and when looking at university degrees, the Health and Social Care degree at Swansea University taught many different modules I was interested in.  

After studying different areas, in my second year, I realised my future career lay in occupational therapy.

The course gave me a good knowledge and understanding of health and social care, especially in the areas of public health, social policy and ethics. The course also taught me practical and transferable skills that would be very valuable to me when graduating, for example management and leadership, and enhancing employability through work experience, which gave me confidence in a practical work setting.

During my time in Swansea there were many opportunities to gain relevant work experience and I enjoyed volunteering for the Swansea Paid Internship Network and Week Of Work charities.

On the careers and employability module I was able to get my initial experience of working in a hospital setting which not only enhanced my education but really helped prepare me for future employment.

I loved studying at Swansea University.  I found the course fascinating; it has opened many different doors for me in terms of my future career. The staff were always friendly and helpful, and I have made life-long friends that really made the three years spent here the best.

The course gave me the opportunity to further my education through postgraduate study in Occupational Therapy.

I have gained many practical skills such as good communication, presentation skills, working well in a team and on my own initiative; skills which are needed to be successful on this accelerated two year course. I would not have got here without studying Health and Social Care at Swansea University, so I am very grateful for this and all the opportunities that my undergraduate degree presented.  I had the best three years of my life at Swansea and I would highly recommend coming here to study! 

I am a Carer.