Chelsea Reilly, BSc Social Policy

What did you do prior to studying at Swansea University?

I was working as a Reablement Assistant in Adult Social Care, lacking any longer term career goals.

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?

I saw an advert for Clearing and had visited Swansea on many occasions to see friends who were study here and thoroughly enjoyed my time so thought it was worth a phone call. I ended up speaking with Social Policy Lecturer Andrew Dunning and it was one of the most inspirational conversations I have ever had - within three weeks I had moved to Swansea.

Can you tell us about your course?

Social Policy is an interesting, insightful, thought provoking and at times a controversial subject. The reason I have excelled is because of the nature of the course, it matters to each and every one of us because Social Policy defines our experiences as citizens. Completing this course has helped me to better understand my own values and beliefs.

What part of the course do you/did you enjoy the most?

I most enjoyed the third year modules (such as Comparative Policy and the dissertation module) which were designed to let the student take the lead on the assessment. This meant that we had to pull together knowledge and skills we had gained throughout the course, in order to apply them to a research topic of our choosing. This allowed for much greater level of freedom and independence, and to study a topic of our own choice.

What’s been your highlight whilst studying at Swansea University?
The highlight has been realising my academic potential. When I started the course it was a rash decision, combined with a not-so-great academic history meant I had little confidence in myself surviving past the first semester. However, my experience at Swansea has shown me just how much I can achieve with the right level of support, commitment, and passion.

What are your plans/hopes for the future?

I hope to successfully complete my Masters in Research Methods. This will enable me to embark on a career in which I can contribute to the development of evidenced-based policy making.

How will your studies help you pursue your chosen profession?

With a Social Policy degree there are endless options open to graduates in the public, private and third sectors. Before I started studying I was very aware of the limits to my career without a degree - the degree can open up so many doors. For me, it is the gateway to a Masters in Research Methods. I hope to have a long career in which I can combine the two (social policy and research methods).

Would you recommend Swansea University to other students?

I would highly recommend Swansea University to others - it has been the perfect place to complete my degree. The staff and lecturers will support you in any way they can. The librarians, for instance, will support you to brush up on your literature searching skills, or referencing needs.

There are other reasons to choose Swansea. My campus is in Singleton Park, literally over the road from the beach, close to mumbles pier and the Gower coast. The music scene is getting better every year and you won’t get overwhelmed like you might in some bigger cities. It is full of affordable, independent, and family run restaurants. Weekly jazz nights and bi-weekly markets in the main student area make it an incredible student experience.