Osteopathy graduates set up own practice

Louise Prosser from Port Talbot and Lisa Jones from Clydach graduated from Swansea University’s Maters in Osteopathy course in 2015 and have wasted no time in setting up successful joint venture, Celtic Osteopathic Services (COS).   

Lisa, a retired police sergeant, initially became interested in osteopathy after a horse riding accident whilst posted on the South Wales Police Mounted Section. Lisa recovered after receiving intensive treatment and support from an osteopathic and chiropractic team and due to her experience was very excited when Swansea University launched their Masters in Osteopathy programme, She said:

“I became very animated at the possibility of increasing my knowledge and skill base to help other sports men and women who had been injured and to show that osteopathy and the holistic approach to health care is beneficial to all.”

Louise, who spent a number of years working as a sports therapist for the Aberavon Harlequins,  became aware of the programme whilst looking to further her career, she said: “a friend told me about the new osteopathy programme at Swansea. I attended an open day and was intrigued by the holistic approach that osteopaths used to treat their patients. This appealed to me due to my holistic background and fascination with anatomy and how the body works and heals itself.”

Both Louise and Lisa enjoyed the practical aspects of the programme and the opportunity to treat patients in the University based clinic. Lisa said: “I enjoyed being in the clinic training environment where I could speak and relate to patients, giving them relief from their pain.”

Louise added: “The support we had from the clinic tutors and the head of clinic was excellent, they were always there to support you and allowed you the freedom to ‘fly.’”

Louise and Lisa opened the doors to Celtic Osteopathic Services in January 2016 and emphasise that “Osteopathic treatments are safe and suitable for all ages from birth to the more mature and are designed to suit the individual’s needs.

“At Celtic Osteopathic Services we are here to support you through your life’s course providing you with the best care possible.”

Reflecting on their new career paths Lisa explains: “osteopaths can have a profound effect on peoples’ physical and mental wellbeing, this makes me think ‘WOW’ – I am in the right profession!”