Mari Jones, BSc Adult Nursing

Mari Jones

“After completing my A levels, I proceeded to take a gap year where I gained experience in a care home environment which I thought would be relevant exposure to my future as a nurse. During this time I also travelled to New Zealand and Connecticut, USA.

I chose to study at Swansea because of its excellent reputation in Health Sciences. Its location was also a factor as it is conveniently linked with several of the hospitals I hoped to work at in my future career, I knew this would allow me the opportunity to gain experience through my placements during my degree.

I enjoyed the course because of its combination of theoretical and practical exposure which prepared me for the role of being a registered nurse. The lecturers, mentors and staff were very supportive and encouraging.

I enjoyed my clinical placements the most because it was an opportunity to link the theory I had learnt during lectures and put it into practice during my placements.

There have been so many good times during my degree, including numerous unforgettable patients, assignment results I was very proud of and memories during lectures with my peers.

My plan is to gain knowledge and experience all things nursing in my current role as a registered nurse on a medical ward. I look forward to taking every opportunity to progress my learning. Nursing is a profession I am passionate about, I hope my career is rewarding and I reach my full potential.”