Carly Skyrme, BSc Adult Nursing


Determined student juggled family support with study to achieve her lifetime ambition

Carly Skyrme proudly received her Nursing Degree at Swansea University’s Winter Degree and Award Ceremony (Wednesday 10th January 2018).

Carly, aged 31 from Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, started on the pre-graduate nursing programme in September 2014. She was looking forward to her journey and life time ambition of becoming a qualified Nurse.

Carly had undertaken an Access course prior to her application in order to succeed. When Carly started on the programme she was enthusiastic and determined to succeed and had put structures in place to support her and her young family during the 3 year programme.

Her partner was the main support with input from Carly’s mother. Carly’s time at the University was going as expected until the sudden and unexpected death of her partner’s mother at the age of 58, eighteen months into the programme.

This was a traumatic time for the family. Carly struggled on with her studies always juggling her time between study and home life and supporting her partner and her family alongside financial constraints.

All this pressure had its effect on Carly who struggled daily to cope with these demands. However, she would come to College with a smile on her face and all her clinical reviews were positive. Carly was determined to achieve for both herself and her family recognising that this would improve the quality of life for them all.

Heulwen Morgan-Samuel, Senior Lecturer in Nursing and Carly’s personal tutor said: “Academia wasn’t always easy for Carly but she persevered and was delighted to complete the programme and graduate alongside her cohort. Carly demonstrated grit, determination and professionalism in order to succeed. “

Speaking about her time at Swansea University Carly said; “Being at Swansea University was one of the most challenging but life changing experiences of my life. I met an amazing group of friends with fantastic support from my personal tutor and mentors in practice.

“I always knew that going to university as a non- academic with small children would be hard, but my focus on providing my family with a better life and doing it with a career I am passionate about was all made worthwhile when I secured a job as a cardiac nurse with a brilliant team at Withybush Coronary Care Unit.”