Employability and Transferable Skills

Employability and Transferable Skills

Many students choose Geography because of the scope it provides for studying a wide range of current themes and issues, the important insights it offers for understanding our contemporary world, and the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice through fieldwork. However, what many students do not realise before coming to university is that a Geography degree also offers a broad range of employment opportunities, allowing graduates to pursue a flexible and varied career path.

At the start of their degree, most Geography students do not have firm career plans. In understanding and making sense of the world around them, students of both human and physical geography develop a range of key skills, including personal organisation and communication, problem identification and evaluation, data collection, analysis and presentation, report production and presentation (written and oral), team-work, and computer literacy.

Undergraduate Degrees

Our Undergraduate degrees in Geography will:

  • provide you with an understanding of the human world, the natural environment, and interactions between them
  • equip you with the practical, numerical and computational skills that are valued by many employers
  • develop your essential transferable skills, such as team working, communication, presentation, problem solving, and analytical skills
  • prepare you for a rewarding career in a wide range of areas, including environmental management, conservation, aid and development agencies, local authorities, education, financial planning, computing, business and retail management, regional and resource planning, and insurance risk assessment
  • prepare you for postgraduate study in geography, Earth science or the social sciences

Postgraduate Taught Masters Degrees

Our Postgraduate Taught Masters degrees in Geography will:

  • equip you with skills relevant for a rewarding career in a range of diverse fields, including environmental management, conservation, planning, local authorities, education, computing, management, finance, and insurance
  • give you transferable skills, including team working, communication, presentation, and analytical skills
  • prepare you for a research degree

Research Degrees

Our Research degrees in Geography will:

  • provide you with new and specialised research skills
  • prepare you for a career in academic research and teaching
  • equip you with skills relevant for a rewarding career in a range of fields, including environmental management, conservation, planning, local authorities, education, computing, management, finance, and insurance

The Royal Geographical Society has information about careers for geographers. Their booklet Going Places with Geography is particularly helpful.

Swansea Employability Academy

SEA logo‌The Swansea Employability Academy (SEA) was created to give all students easy access to a comprehensive employability programme. Working closely with the Careers Service, SEA is committed to improve all elements of student employability, from timetabled careers sessions and fairs, delivery of the SEA award, the WOW and SPIN placement programmes through to events like the dedicated employability week activity, ongoing scheduled employer events, talks and seminar sessions. Whenever you see this logo across campus you know an employability event, workshop or employer talk is taking place which you can attend.


"Definitely do it. It’s easy to apply and you may gain some invaluable skills and experience. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.” L Vaughan, 2nd year student, WOW placement 2015.


“I learnt more about teamwork and data collection in the real world… I would advise new students to apply.” M Langley, 2nd year student, SPIN placement 2015.               


"Santander Universities SME Internship Programme is an amazing scheme. Having Santander add their weight to supporting graduates to get real world experience is adding real benefits to students at Swansea University." Adam Curtis, CEO at Hoowla & Co-Founder of TechHub, a Swansea SME.

Key points


Graduate Destinations

Every year we survey our recent graduates to ascertain their employment status.  The data is more commonly known as the Graduate Destinations Survey and is reported to HESA (the Higher Education Statistics Authority).  Here are some examples of job titles from the recent survey:

  • Multi Site Supervisor (Phase Eight)
  • Data Analyst (PHS Group)
  • Account Manager Support (Handelsbanken)
  • Geographical Data Processor (Western Power Distribution)
  • Catchment Scientist (Welsh Water)
  • Ecologist (Natural England)
  • Associate Financial Consultant (HSO)
  • Marketing Traffic Executive (Bluefrog Ltd)
  • Negotiator (Goadsby)
  • Housing Officer (Cardiff County Council)
  • Lead Specialist (Reuters)
  • Surveyor (St Modwen)
  • Business Development Executive (Jutexpo)

Find out more

To find out more about the Employability support on offer here at Swansea University, please the SEA academy website for information: http://www.swansea.ac.uk/employability-academy/