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Advice on traveling on University business

Personal Accident and Travel Insurance

All employees and students of the University are covered under this policy whilst travelling on University business:

a) Outside the Person Covered's Country of Domicile or

b) Within the Person Covered's Country of Domicile but only where the person(s) are required to obtain overnight accommodation away from the normal place of residence, or

c) Where the journey requires an internal flight, and the flight has been booked in advance of the journey.

N.B. Medical expenses apply to a) above only.

This cover is automatically in place, therefore, notification of intention to travel need not be sent to the Director of Finance. All travellers should refer to the form, F - E.17.1 Summary of Travel Cover 2018-2019 , and should take a copy of the with them. In the event of a claim, the traveller must produce evidence that the overseas journey was for University business. Members of staff should submit a copy of the relevant “Request for approval to travel overseas” form (Section F-E.8.3.1.) with their claim. Students should submit a copy of a letter from their Head of Department (or his/her representative) authorising their travel.

If you need to make a claim, you can download the necessary form here. The form needs to be completed in full, and then sent to insurance@swansea.ac.uk along with any relevant documents. Please do not send any claim directly to the insurers.

Our certificate reference to quote on the form is UMAL/028.

Your claim will be dealt with as quickly as possible. It is important that you provide as much information as you can when completing the form.

Please note that for any cancelled flights, the full cost of a flight needs to be shown, including any airport taxes. However, the airport tax is not an insurable loss, and so that must be claimed directly from the travel agent or airline, and not through the insurance route.

Visa application and proof of cover:

 You may need proof of cover in order to apply for a visa if travelling abroad on University business. A letter can be prepared for you for this. Please e-mail insurance@swansea.ac.uk at least 7 days before your Embassy appointment so that a letter can be prepared.

The information required is:-

i) Which member of staff has authorised the travel and the reason for the journey;

ii) The intended dates of travel;

iii) The intended country of destination: and 

iv) The date of your appointment at the embassy for your application.



 RiskMonitor Traveller

 UMAL Members have access to an online platform, RiskMonitor Traveller, which combines 24/7/365 real-time alerts with country analysis and advice delivered through a single web portal and mobile app, giving your staff and students valuable information to properly prepare themselves for travel, mitigate risks and provide timely and accurate intelligence with actionable advice when incidents do occur.


To access the online intelligence platform:

  •  Visit www.drum-cussac.net
  • Enter your institutional e-mail address (ending .ac.uk), click register and follow the instructions online
  • A verification email will be sent. Click the link, create your password and you’re good to go!

 UMAL Members also have access to a simple, colour-coded map of the world indicating overall risk or various different sub-categories of risk (security, medical, environmental etc ). This will assist you with your risk assessment prior to travel. Click on an individual country for a brief summary of the risks. Further information on travel risks can be accessed via the Travel Advice tab on the UMAL website.

Before you travel

Download the GlobalRiskManager app for travel advice, security information and to receive alerts for any incidents occurring in your destination country or region. Alerts can be configured by country, proximity, severity and/or category to ensure that you receive the alerts that you need. (Make sure that the app used is the black one).



e-Learning - Travel Prepare

UMAL provides Members with access to TravelPrepare, an expanded e-learning facility to assist both staff and students prior to travel. To access this service:

How to receive 'Travel Alerts' 

  Go to https://www.umal.co.uk/travel-alerts.php


NHS travel advice - https://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/home 

Foreign & Commonwealth Office - Essential Travel Advice