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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is the classical engineering discipline for the design, manufacture and maintenance of aerospace vehicles.

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Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers design, operate and optimise chemical and physical processes that turn raw materials into valuable products for human use.

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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers play an integral role in modern society and are responsible for the built environment that surrounds us.

We are one of the key centres for research and training in computational mechanics and engineering.

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Electrical Engineering

Electronic and Electrical Engineering is amongst the most exciting and progressive subjects available today, catering to projects such as mobile phone networks and renewable energy sources that define and mould the world around us.

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Materials Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering is a multi-disciplinary subject, which focuses on the control of properties of matter for application in numerous sectors of science and engineering.

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers are innovative professionals, found at the core of every aspect of the modern engineering industry, from concept to invention.

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Medical Engineering

Medical Engineering is a multi-disciplinary subject consisting of the application of core engineering principles to a broad range of instumentation used in modern medicine.

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Sport and Exercise Science

sports science student in the a-stem research lab

Our BSc Sport and Exercise Science course will provide you with an academically rigorous and BASES accredited programme of study covering the factors that influence participation and personal performance in sports.

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Leadership & Management

It is a well-known fact that engineers and technical graduates have the potential to reach the very pinnacle of management and leadership within business and industry.

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Emphasis for research in Nanotechnology is on the development of applications-driven research and the transfer of technology from the laboratory to the workplace or health centre.

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