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Vitalising the dialogue between the arts, sciences and research - artistic projects, performances and exhibitions are a great way of unlocking specialist language and broadcasting research stories to a broader audience.’ - Professor Owen Sheers

Professor in Creativity Owen Sheers is responsible for inspiring and curating partnerships between researchers at Swansea University and artists and arts organisations, allowing for research to be expressed through creative projects.

-      To use artistic and cultural projects to showcase the best of Swansea’s research; introducing artists to researchers across both campuses with the aspiration of producing ground-breaking research-informed works of art, performance and exhibitions.

-      To encourage an on-going conversation of collaboration between the Bay campus on Fabian Way and Singleton Park campus on the other side of the city.

-      To create, develop and nurture artistic projects that showcase and lift the lid off Swansea University research, and take the stories behind this research off the page and communicate them to a wider audience.

-      To involve the Swansea community and wider community in creative projects based on Swansea University research, working with communities and local, regional, national and international organisations.

-      To engage with the student population creatively encouraging participation in innovative projects that will offer them practical and valuable experience, enhance their employability credentials and transferable skills and contribute to their University and Community. 

The Cultural Institute’s Creativity Fellowships


See your research as you’ve never seen it before!

In 2018-19 the Cultural Institute at Swansea University is establishing two Creativity Fellowships. These year-long Fellowships will allow two artists to create a significant artwork that directly engages with a body of research at Swansea University. They will be artistic projects of international standing through which the story of the research can be broadcast to as broad and deep an audience as possible. 

To begin the process, we need your research material. If you’re part of a research project and want to explore this opportunity of engaging with an artist and with a different outlook, then you may have just what we’re seeking.

The research can be of any kind and the process will match it with an artist who can see new and exciting possibilities in that work – the Creative Fellow may be a painter, sculptor, musician, writer or any other kind of artist. As a researcher, you will be asked to dedicate some time to discussion with the Creative Fellow and Owen Sheers, the University’s Professor in Creativity, to share ideas and information, material, images, and access, and to engage with Fellow’s work-in-progress sessions.

You should be registered as a post-graduate research student or employee of Swansea University, with a realistic prospect of being available for consultation until June 2020.

We hope that the experience of seeing how an artist takes inspiration from a subject and develops their creative process will give you a new angle of approach to your own work and stimulate exciting ways of apprehending the significance, beauty and impact of academic research. 

For your research to be considered, please download an application form:  Creativity Fellowships Application Form

All submissions must be received by Monday 7th January 2019

For more information or to discuss your research, please contact Creativity Programme Officer
Reg Noyes: r.a.noyes@swansea.ac.uk

Cultural Institute - Swansea University

Cultural Institute - Swansea University