Our Chaplaincy is staffed by a team of chaplains: Two full time University Chaplains, Mandy Williams (Christian) and Sheikh Mohsen El-beltagi (Muslim) and a number of associate chaplains working on a voluntary basis.

We also have faith representatives who can offer you information and introductions to their particular faith or denomination.

We are committed to working together in an inclusive and non-judgemental way to support and develop the spiritual life of the University community.


Reverend Mandy Williams

Mandy 3

Mandy is the Chaplaincy and Community manager @Campuslife and the University Chaplain (Christian). Mandy woks across both campuses and is available to staff and students for advice, guidance and support on matters of faith and general pastoral support. 

Sheikh Mohsen El-Beltagi

 Sheikh Mohsen El-Beltagi

Sheikh Mohsen El-Beltagi has joined Swansea University’s Mosque as resident imam in 2004. He is originally from Egypt. He gained his BA, MA and PhD in Islamic studies from Al-Azhar University, Egypt.

Sheikh Mohsen was appointed as a Muslim Student Advisor to the Swansea University in 2010 under the Student Support Service Department. Recently, he has been promoted to be interfaith lead (Muslim chaplain) at Swansea University. He works very closely with University Chaplaincy team and the Interfaith Group to develop and support a Multi-Faith environment for staff, students and wider community. Sheikh Mohsen is overseeing all Mosque activities that respond to the educational, pastoral and spiritual needs of Muslim students and staff in the University. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with him for advice and support.‌

The Reverend Leslie Jane Noon

Methodist/URC Chaplain

Leslie Noon

Leslie is a Methodist minister, who works with two churches - one in Sketty and one a bit further away in Clydach.  On top of this she enjoys being one of the part-time chaplains in the University.  Sometimes her dog Wookie can also be seen at chaplaincy events!

Father Carlito Reyes

Roman Catholic Chaplain

Father Carlito Reyes

Fr Carlito Reyes is a Catholic priest from the Philippines.  He is currently serving at St Benedict Church at Sketty, Swansea.  He worked for two decades as parish priest in urban parishes at Manila.  At the same time he was a lecturer at the University of Manila, a Jesuit University.  For a year he taught at De La Salle University.  He also taught at the post graduate level.  He taught 'Paul' at the Loyola School of Theology, Manila, and New Testament at the Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City.

The Reverend Steven Bunting

The Reverend Steven Bunting small

The Rev Steven Bunting is the Vicar of St Thomas Church in the Eastside of Swansea close to the Swansea Bay Campus and is the associate Anglican chaplain. He was born in Manchester but moved to Swansea in 1999 to attend university. After university he entered the financial services industry working his way up to branch manager before coming to faith through the Alpha Course. He began leading worship and teaching in his local Anglican Church in Cockett, Swansea before being selected for ordination in the Anglican Church. He studied a Bachelor of Theology degree in Cardiff University while undergoing three years of residential Bible College at St Michaels College, Llandaff. He was ordained in 2012 to a curacy (trainee) placement at All Saints Church in Mumbles before becoming Vicar of St Thomas in 2014. Outside of the church he is passionate about travelling, social justice and Manchester United. He has also run the London Marathon for the last two years raising money for charities. He is married to Rachel, who is also in full time Church work and has three children Ryan, Katy-Grace and Samuel. He is passionate about serving the students and staff at the University and look forward to getting to know as many people as possible throughout the academic year.

The Reverend John Rogers

Baptist Chaplain

The Reverend John Rogers small

‌The Reverend John Rogers is an associate pastor at Pantygwydr Baptist Church and the Baptist Chaplain at Swansea University. John is originally from Lytham St Annes near Blackpool. John is pro-active in the community and in engaging with staff, students and the public. For John, being a Christian is about choosing to follow Jesus and seeking to live out His teachings in everyday life, knowing that the love God has for us is way bigger than anything we could hope to find anywhere else in the world.

He believes this message of hope is as true today as it ever has been.

Matthew Hopkins

Matthew Hopkins

I'm Matthew Hopkins and I work full time as a Pastor in an Independent Evangelical church in Swansea, called Dunvant Christian Fellowship. I have been married to my best friend for nearly 10 years. My wife and I have 3 young boys which we love very much.

I became a Christian at the age of 18, which transformed my life.  Before becoming a Christian I never read a book, yet I now have 2 degrees in Youth Work and Applied Theology. I also love football and rugby so love to watch or play when I can. I believe academia, family, employment and all life has to offer is really important, yet for me the most important question is 'What is the purpose to this life?' Jesus says, its loving God, receiving love for yourself and loving others. Would be great to discuss more, so get in touch!

Faith Representatives


Norma Glass

Synagogue Address: Ffynone Road (opposite Mansion house), Ffynone, Swansea SA1 6BT

Welcome to Swansea University and greetings from the Jewish community of this city. Our goal is to ensure that students of all faiths and beliefs, from diverse cultures and backgrounds, can coexist in peace and harmony.

We are a small congregation of mainly elderly members. Our Synagogue is traditional and orthodox. Whenever possible weekly Sabbath services are held on Friday evenings at 6pm and Saturday mornings at 10am followed by a Kiddush. We hold services for all Jewish festivals. If you wish to attend a service or you would like to visit us and receive home hospitality then please contact me.  We welcome all visitors!

This is the oldest Jewish community in Wales and was once the largest. We have written records dating back to 1730.
The nearest Jewish community is in Cardiff approximately 40 miles away, 1 hour by Greyhound bus (hourly service) or by train (every 30 minutes).  There are two active synagogues in Cardiff, one Orthodox and one Reform.  The closest Liberal synagogue is in Newport, 1 hour and 20 minutes from central Swansea.

On behalf of the Swansea Jewish community I wish you every success in your studies and I hope that you enjoy your student life here.  



Rhiannon Clark

Quakerism is almost 400 years old. It grew out of Christianity and today we also find much meaning and value in other faiths and traditions. All people are welcome and accepted at a Quaker meeting whether you are of faith or none.
Quaker meetings for worship can be held anywhere, at any time. Every meeting begins in silence. We use it to open ourselves to the wisdom that comes out of stillness. It enriches us and shapes us, individually and collectively. This is what we mean by 'worship'.

We recognise that there's something transcendent and precious in every person. Different Quakers use different words to describe this, but we all believe we can be in contact with it and encounter something beyond our individual selves.
Quakers don't use traditional religious structures or paid ministers. We share responsibility for what we do because everyone has a valuable contribution to make.

We don't have a fixed creed because we have found that the search for truth can lead us to new expressions of values as well as confirming existing ones. We call these values 'testimonies'. We focus on equality, peace, truth, justice and simplicity, and how they relate to one another.
Rhiannon works in the Academic Services directorate.  She is an attender at Swansea’s local Quaker Meeting.

Swansea Quaker Meeting:
Meeting time: Every Sunday 10.45am-11.45am
Address:    Pagefield House
Page Street
Facebook page:


Olivia Kinsman

A warm welcome from the Pagan community. We at Swansea University celebrate diversity, and acknowledge the faiths of all pagans, however they define. Paganism is a broad term to cover nature-based faiths and practices which honour the cycles of the earth, the sun, moon and stars. These can include, but are not limited to:
Wicca; Druidism/Druidry; Shamanism; Heathenry; Kemeticism; Ritual Magick; Goddess Spirituality; Reconstructionism and any self-defined pagan paths.
We promote diversity and inclusivity for all and support people of all genders and sexualities in their spiritual and social lives.

Olivia is a member of ISS working on the Issue desk in Singleton Campus Library, and is a past student of Egyptology at the University. She is a Priestess within the Fellowship of Isis, a Priestess of the Goddess from Glastonbury Goddess Temple, and is an eclectic Wiccan.

Olivia is happy to direct students and staff to local Pagan events and open groups. Regular ceremonies, meets and celebrations are hosted in Swansea and surrounding areas, especially for the eight Wheel of the Year festivals:

Winter Solstice / Ganol Gaeaf (21st December)
Imbolc / Gŵyl fair y canhwyllau (2nd February)
Spring Equinox / Gŵyl Ganol y Gwanwyn (21st March)
Beltane / Calan Mai (30th April – 1st May)
Summer Solstice / Gŵyl Ganol yr Haf (21st June)
Lughnasadh / Calan Awst (1st August)
Autumn Equinox / Gŵyl Ganol yr Hydref (21st September)
Samhain / Calan Gaeaf (31st October – 1st November)


The Swansea Pagan community is a very eclectic mix of paths, and is a place filled with sacred sites and history.



Unitarian & Free Christians

Rory Castle Jones

The Unitarians are a liberal Christian denomination, who believe that wisdom can be found in all religious traditions, as well as in science and the secular world. We welcome people of all faiths and none.
Unitarians can be found all over the world. There are 21 Unitarian congregations in Wales, including two in the Swansea area – Swansea Unitarian Church on the High Street and Gellionnen Unitarian Chapel near Pontardawe in the Swansea Valley.

We aspire to create a loving, caring religious community within which we:

- Value people in their diversity and uniqueness.
- Encourage freedom of thought and speech.
- Support spiritual exploration.
- Create celebratory worship.
- Advocate justice, liberty, honesty, integrity, peace and love.

Rory works in Academic Services and is a History graduate of Swansea University. He is an active member of both Swansea Unitarian Church and Gellionnen Unitarian Chapel.
Swansea Unitarians

Services: Every Sunday, 6-7pm
Address: Swansea Unitarian Church, 239-242 High Street, Swansea SA1 1NZ

Facebook page:

Other Faiths

The following people would be happy to help you make contact with your faith community in Swansea.


Mike Garside

Tel: 01792 458245

Dharmavajra Kadampa Buddhist Centre
Springfield House, Ffynone Rd, Uplands, Swansea SA1 6DE


Prof. Gyan N Pande   

01792 (60)5253



Liz Stratton   

01792 (60)6613


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Dawn Morgan 

01792 (60)6875