Mental Health Advice & Support

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Our specific role is to support you through your time at Swansea University; we do not replace NHS services but provide useful, additional support.  We can:

  • Advise/liaise with academic departments on adjustments if needed with regard to your studies (on receipt of medical evidence)
  • Assist you with application process for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)*
  • Assist you if your circumstances and current health make study difficult for you
  • Provide access to counselling services

Our role is to enable and empower students with mental health conditions to make positive decisions and choices for themselves.  We aim to provide mental wellbeing and be a source of stable advice and support during your academic studies, in addition to any other support you are receiving from services with statutory responsibility for managing your care.

Swansea University has the provision for a student to declare they have a mental health condition.  This information is recorded on your student information record, and can be done by a student prior to enrolment and at any time during your course if a condition is newly diagnosed.

Why Declare a Mental Health Condition?

The University does not make it in any way a condition of your enrolment that you disclose your mental health condition.  It is entirely your choice to disclose or not.  You may find that your condition does not impact on your ability to study or engage with other aspects of university life so you do not feel personal health information is relevant to disclose.

The University encourages students to declare specifically if your condition can have an impact on your ability to study.  In addition to declaring, the University requests medical evidence of your condition e.g. a GP letter confirming your diagnosis and how it impacts on you.  We can then help you apply for DSA* and would encourage you to do so as early as possible before beginning your studies.

Autistic Spectrum Conditions Service

The journey through university life can be both an exciting and confusing time for many students.  It can be particularly challenging for those who have an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) given their unique pattern of strengths and difficulties.  Some students with ASC may have some degree of difficulty in the following areas:

  • Making the transition from home to university
  • Navigating the University environment
  • Dealing with exams and assessments
  • The social side of University life
  • Leaving University and making the transition into the world of work

What do we offer?

  • Help with understanding the student's diagnosis
  • Individual sessions to support student problems or difficulties being experienced
  • A link between the student and the school of study to enable the University to have a better understanding of the difficulties that may be being experienced by the student
  • Anxiety, stress and anger management
  • Social groups
  • Preparation for leaving University

ASC students are also eligible to apply for DSA*

Click here for detailed DSA information.