Host a work placement

Host a student work placement

Whether you want to develop the future of your sector by investing in students and graduates, or have a project you need completing, we have a work placement programme to suit you.

We arrange placements for students from all disciplines and all levels, and cater for wide-ranging career aspirations. Our programmes are arranged by a dedicated team within the Swansea Employability Academy who work with employers in all industry sectors.

Our placements are:

  • Flexible: Our talented students and graduates can work in your business on a full or part-time basis. Placements can be for just a few days for a specific event or project, or more long term depending on your needs.
  • Funded: Funding is available to SMEs, Social Enterprises and Charities that take our students and graduates for placements. Funding can last between 10 days and 10 weeks to help cover the cost of the intern’s salary. Shorter placements are fully funded, while longer placements are matched funded with the employer.
  • Fully Supported: Our team of enthusiastic Employment Coordinators can provide support, advice and guidance to both businesses and interns throughout the placement. Our students are invited to attend pre-employment coaching to make sure they are ready for the challenges and opportunities your business will provide them.

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If you have a placement opportunity you'd like to advertise you can add it on our digital Jobs Board. However, before you can start posting on the Jobs Board you will need to become a member of Employment Zone.  

Why take on a placement?

Benefits for businesses

Student placements can:

  • support and undertake short or fixed term project work.
  • offer specialist knowledge and an external viewpoint to the business over the duration of the partnership.
  • Give a business the chance to see potential employees in action before making hiring decisions.

Benefits for students

Offering a placement can:

  • Help students to develop new work orientated skills.
  • Support the student in gaining a breadth of subject knowledge and a platform to apply taught skills.
  • Help a student grow a CV ready for employment.
  • Allow students to build confidence and maturity.

What makes a suitable placement?

There is no rule as to what makes a good work placement. The type of work carried out by a placement student will vary depending on their strengths and skills and the requirements of your company. 

An ideal placement would be one which:

  • Provides an opportunity to apply and develop both existing knowledge and also new skills learnt in the workplace.
  • Enables the student to assume an appropriate degree of responsibility.
  • Allows the student to take ownership of their development with guidance from experts.
  • Maximises the student’s contribution to the department and organisation.

Here are a few Placement Case Studies which should give you some inspiration.

Work placement testimonials

We have arranged hundreds of work placements over the years and always receive great feedback from both students and businesses.

Just take a look at some of their Testimonials they thought about their work placement experiences.