The Bioscience department is committed to the Green Impact scheme which encourages university staff to pledge to make a few small changes at work and at home to help reduce impacts on the environment.  All of our staff try their best to minimise any impact their work has on the environment and acknowledge that even the smallest changes to our daily routines (e.g. turning off a PC at the end of the day) can make a significant positive difference to the environment.  This section is aimed at providing some tips and ideas on how you can be greener both at work and at home.

Recycling Tips

Recycling Information

Unsure of where or which bins you should put your recycling in?

This section, which is in development, will provide comprehensive information on how to dispose of the various different types of recyclable and non-recyclable rubbish. 

Come back soon for more information.


Saving Energy

Saving Energy

How staff and students use electrical equipment at the University makes a huge difference too.

Please help us by following these simple guidelines.


Water Sustainablity

Water Sustainability

Water is a precious resource and needs to be conserved, but it also allows pollutants to be transported quickly and in large volumes to the wider environment.

As we are so close to the sea, we need to be able to act very quickly in response to any spillages that could be washed into our drains. Please help us by following these guidelines.